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The Lies of the Steeler Staff

September 29, 1999 by Still Mill

The Lies Passed on to us by the Steeler Staff ����� Sep 29th

Let us look at the bald-faced lies that the Steeler management has fed us this past summer, and that the media has wholeheartedly and blindly passed along to us:

1. We're going to throw downfield. LIE.

2. We're going to stretch the defense. LIE

3. We're going to throw a lot to the TE. LIE

4. We're going to take advantage of Troy's RAC abilities by getting him the ball in stride on quick passes. LIE (Most of the balls thrown to him are hitches or outs, in which he clearly is NOT in stride at all.)

5. We're going to use the fullback as an extra option for Kordell. LIE

6. We're going to use Kordell's rollout skills this year. LIE (He�s got shackles attached to his ankles.)

7. This is the best offensive line we've had since I (Cowher) have been here. LIE

8. This is the best corps of WRs the team has ever had. LIE

9. Kordell has been working with Gilbride on a daily basis for months and has a good understanding of the offense. LIE

10. Every pass play has at least 1 man going deep. LIE

11. Kevin Gilbride is coming in to install his own offense, and will bring in an offense with similar attributes as the ones he ran in Houston and Jax. LIE (Gilbride has done nothing more than run the Ray Sherman Nickel & Dime Offense. This current offense is NOTHING like the ones Gilbride ran in Houston and Jax.)

There�s plenty of action left this season to correct these LIES, of course. But it�s appropriate to call a spade a spade and point out the farce that the staff has tried to pull over on us thus far.

The Still Mill

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