The home of die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fans. It's not just a team, it's a way of life! Celebrates Our 10th Anniversary!

March 10, 2009 by Still Mill

10 year anniv for Celebrates Our 10th Anniversary!


Hard to believe, but has now been dominating the internet for 10 years�.!


If we may, we�d like to take a moment and wax fondly as we look back on these great 10 years. first hit the �net in March 1999.Former Pitt MBA classmates Trenches and Still Mill, along with Still Faith, formed with the intent of providing hard-hitting analysis�.�for the fan, by the fan�.That intent and spirit -- as outlined in our primer -- still lives on today.��


From those humble beginnings, the site grew in readership and worldwide notoriety.When first fielded, the site was a spartan site indeed, with no message board and a very rudimentary site that required manually updating the entire front page just to publish an article.�� Fortunately, Trenches� web savvy allowed the site to migrate to a more database driven platform, and message boards and other features were added.


The message board at has long been a fun venue to banter about Stiller football.There have been some loyal, superb posters over the years�..from way back in our early days, Nick79, Steel33, The Rock, and others too numerous to list by name.��


There have been many highlights; a few are worth mentioning --


����������� - Chuck Finder of the Post Gazette did a nice write-up on our site in 1999, when we were a fledgling site that was known by just a small group of readers.


����������� - has sponsored some great tailgate parties over the years�.most notably the Sunday nite game late in 2000 versus Jax (the nite Fred Taylor ran wild) and the tailgate at Arrowhead Stadium in 2001.


����������� - Pre-draft coverage over the years, most notably by Steel Phantom and Steel Haven, which has been recognized and lauded by many as the premier draft coverage seen any time, anywhere.


����������� - The impact to Steeler football lexicon that we�ve had, most notably contributing terms such as �Dong Sack�, �slop n� slather�, �Hard Hat Award�, �titty-fighting�, �Kevin Gaypride�, �anal stormtrooper�, �wide loop rush�, �assaholic�, �softee defense�, �Billy Cowhard�, and numerous others terms that we literally started and have spread throughout Stiller fandom.


����������� - The recent AFCC versus the Poebirds, in which Mill attended wearing a Stiller game-jersey with �Still Mill� sewn on the back.During pre-game festivities at a local bar, as well as during and after the game, numerous fans approached, asking if I was �the� Still Mill from and then thanking me for our analysis as part of Stiller Nation.That thanks meant an awful lot and gave me new found appreciation of how far-reaching our impact has been here at


Regrettably, there have been a couple low points.The merger with The in 2002 was a bit of a disaster, mostly because we got Judased by Kosar�s band of idiots.And, there were the techno glitches back in �06 and �07 that nearly crippled this site.Although I still keep in touch with the reclusive Phantom, his self-imposed retirement was also a bummer, as we all dearly miss his dry wit, acerbic humor, and astute analysis.��


Through it all, however, has persevered and slogged through in typical Hard Hat fashion.We can only hope we can make it another 10 years.Many thanks to all of our faithful readers who have kept us going and keep us going through the years.�� Thank you, Stiller fans and readers, for making this the premier site on the �net for analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers.�� -- �Since 1999, no one else comes close�.�


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