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November 24, 2008 by Guest

Welcome Stiller fans,

                      To start things off, Harvey Clayton was a cornerback from the 80�s who wore number 33 before Merrill Hoge.  He was as good at coverage as Arians is at calling plays.

- Let�s recap the last two games. In the San Diego game, Tomlin went for it on fourth down at the goal line and the Steelers didn�t make it [another stupid Arians play call]  The defense turned around and recorded a safety. This is what could have happened in the Colts game if Tomlin had gone for it. 

- The Charger game was pretty good all around not counting the officiating. Hopefully the referees will get it together before the playoffs and let the game be decided by the players.  

- Let�s all give a big thank you to the Giants for running over Ray Lewis and the Ravens. The Ravens defense still has their string of games without a 100 yard rusher intact but I think everyone knows who the best defense is.

On to the Bengals game.  Ben [finally] ran the ball and picked up a first down and scored a touchdown. I guess Hi5Steeler gave him the okay to start running again. As I�ve stated before, Ben needs to run occasionally to keep the defense honest. I�m not talking twenty times a game.  If his shoulder can�t take a hit running the ball it can�t take a hit in the pocket, either.

- On another note, was Marvin Lewis saying please fire me by taking a field goal at the end of the game? Teams that have one win shouldn�t be kicking field goals with six minutes left. It is a race between Lewis and Romeo Crennel to see who gets canned first.

- Kevin Colbert, please find a new punter in the next week to replace Paul Ernster. Preferably someone who can punt more than thirty yards and keep it in bounds.

- Does James Harrison play football the right way or what? He doesn�t dance or celebrate; he just gets the job done. Take notes, Ray Lewis.

- In closing I�d like to say the biggest off-season move for the Steelers wasn�t drafting Sweed or Mendenhall but signing Mewelde Moore. He is a poor man�s Brian Westbrook.

- Remember Shayne Edge?

Happy Thanksgiving and yours in Steelerism,

Still Mailman               

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