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Loose Slag from The Still Mill

September 21, 2009 by Still Mill

Slag - Sep. 21, 2009

Loose Slag from The Still Mill


- Not that he doesn�t have room for improvement, but the 2 big plays by Mendy (13-yard RAC out of nothing; 39-yard jaunt) warrant more playing time for this guy, at the expense of one Willie Parker.We also, at some point, need to see what this guy can do in short-yardage situations.��


- Chicago tight ends combined for 8 grabs for 79 yards.Yes, Ty Carter was a pile of dung.�� But remember, the strong safety isn�t the sole defender covering the TE.�� Several TE receptions -- including the 1st TD -- were short curls in the area of the inside LB.�� James Farrior, supposedly The Winged God of Linebacker Coverage, didn�t have a single pass defensed versus Chico and provided shoddy coverage the entire afternoon.


- What in the hell happened to Ike Taylor??�� This guy is playing like a complete pansie��meek, timid, soft.�� His tackling is atrocious�.he�s constantly going for these cutesy little �cut-block tackles� instead of using his God-given size and blowing up a ballcarrier once in a while.


- Through 2 games, Dick�s vaunted defense has produced two (2) turnovers, both coming in the Tenn. game.For such a deep, talented, hyped-up defense, this is woefully inadequate, and it speaks volumes of the passive, vanilla, laid-back style of defense this team has displayed thus far in �09.


- Other than the side of a milk carton, has anyone seen Jason Woodley lately?

- Tonio Holmes claimed after the game that the dropped TD was �tipped� by the DB.�� Bullshit.I watched the play 20 times, including super-slow mo, and there is no detectable �tip�.Better for Tonio to man up than to quibble and make up bullshit excuses.��


- Speaking of lame, weak-assed excuses, I�m already tired of hearing bullshit excuses about how Pola�s injury caused this loss.Dullard Dick had NINE days to prepare for this game.�� 9 days.�� That�s an eternity of time to prepare and make adjustments.The fact that Dick neither prepared nor made adjustments is yet another indictment on how over-rated, and under-productive, this guy actually is as an NFL coordinator.��


- I wonder if Jeff Reed�s agent is just a bit more nervous about upcoming free agency dealings after the abomination in Chico-land.In reviewing the tape, it�s unbelievable how shitty the 2nd FG try was.�� Reed had missed wide left, and this 2nd attempt was from the RIGHT hash.Unbelievably, Reed rabidly duck-hooked this attempt a good 30 feet wide of the left upright.�� Very, very pitiful.


- We can�t confirm it, but supposedly Gay Buttler�s agent sent Dick LeBeau a case of vintage wine, along with a note that read, �Dear Dick, after last week, I was about ready to ditch Jay as a client.Thanks for all you did for making this guy look like Johnny Unitas. I�ll use footage and stats from this game in the offseason for a contract re-negotiation, which�ll mean more money in my pockets.Thanks again !�


- Kemo, it appears, is the only OL that can move enough to actually pull. There were some decent runs to the strong side when he pulled. Outside of that, I am still flabbergasted at the number of run plays that just get stomped for losses in the backfield. I cannot for the life of me recollect a Steelers team (other than, I suppose, the 2008 edition) that just gets man-handled with run blitzes or 1 flashing lineman to stomp our RBs cold in the backfield.


- With an opponent terrified of the rush and utilizing almost exclusively 3-step drops and quick hitches, you�d think Dick LeBeau, the supposed Guru of Defense, would mix things up and have his CBs and even OLBs put a jam on receivers and TEs.You�d think.But no, not Dick.�� He�s too smart for that.He�s all too happy to have his CBs 11 yards off the LOS and allowing Gay Buttler to carve up his defense like Jason Vorhees.��


- As big of a goat as Reed was in this game, you cannot blame the entire loss on him.Even if Reed hits 1, or even both, of those FGs, Chicago could have won the game with a TD and a PAT.�� And given the way the Bears ran up and down the field, totally unfettered, against Dick�s defense in the 4th quarter, there�s every reason to believe the Bears would have calmly marched the length of the field for the winning TD.


- Let�s see if Ryan Mundy -- who had an excellent camp and preseason -- gets either the starting nod, or a ton of PT, at SS in the Cinci game this weekend.


- Any word on if Colbert has offered Farrior yet another contract extension??



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