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Witmans Pathetic Babbling

November 30, 1999 by Still Mill


Pathetic Comments by a Pathetic Player

From the Trib Review´┐Ż.

"The pressure's off, basically," Jon Witman said. "We're playing for our pride, basically."

No wonder the talk in the Steelers' locker room Tuesday had turned from running the table to not running and hiding the rest of the way.

"I can't see any particular person giving up on the season," Witman said. "If you're out on the field, you're going to play your hardest. Coach (Bill Cowher) has already started to make changes. We're playing for our jobs."


Nothing gets me more pissed off than being fed sacks of unadulterated bovine feces.

For Witman, of all people, to be talking about "playing for pride", is the most outrageous, hypocritical comment I've heard in some time. And then, for him to heap more crap on top of it, saying, "We're playing for our jobs". The manure is so deep and thick, that I cannot imagine HOW the Trib Review reporter waded through it in time to get back to his office and submit his report on time.

First, if Witman is playing for "pride", than his pride must be even less than the thousands of Iraqi soldiers who clamored to surrender to the Allied Forces in Desert Storm. If Witman had even 3 ounces of PRIDE, he wouldn't CONTINUALLY be getting knocked BACK onto his ass week in and week out. I have re-watched EVERY play on videotape this year, and Witman's play -- just like last year -- has been as sickening and nauseating as the floor of a meatpacking plant. It's disgusting; it's gross; and it's enough to induce vomiting. And frankly, so are Witman's jackassed statements.

2d, WHO does Witman think he's fooling by including HIMSELF in this "WE are playing for our jobs". He should have said, "My teammates are playing for their jobs." Quick -- name the ONLY player -- other than the kicker and punter, who does not have a regular backup? Answer: Jon Witmann. Only Huntley has played any FB in the NFL (sparingly, I might add), and the coaches are obviously dead-set against trying him in a larger role at FB. Fu is no FB; he's never played it in college nor the NFL, and blocking is not his forte. Witman --- who chews up nearly $1 million in cap money, by the way --- has no competition, no backup, and no fear of sitting next to Travis Davis on the bench the remainder of the season. Sure, he could potentially be axed in the off-season, but if this franchise has shown us anything, it's a hungry overindulgence in retaining mediocre but hassle-free players for seemingly forever. Whether it be a Fred JcAfee or a Mike Tomwhack or a Dontay Jones, the Stillers would prefer to retain known mediocrity rather than outside greater potential. Witman -- unless a new coaching staff comes in and cleans out the deadwood -- is in no more fear of his roster spot, than Peyton Manning is in Indianapolis.

Please, Jon. It's bad enough you are bilking nearly $1 million with your utterly pitiful play. It's bad enough that we have to watch your gross ineptitude week in and week out. It's bad enough that I have to then re-watch it on tape, which is akin to reliving a bad nightmare week in and week out. But please, no more flabby-mouthed, no brained comments. Let's not add salt to a very bad wound. It's better to play poorly and keep your mouth shut, than to play poorly and add to it by speaking gibberish.

The Still Mill


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