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Sometimes the Ball Just Bounces Your Way

October 30, 2001 by Steel Hammer

When the ball bounces your way�

What�s it called when the ball bounces your way?


I was as pumped as anyone as I watched the Steelers pounded the Titans in prime time and move on to 5-1 record to maintain their lead in the AFC Central, but the game also left me asking a few questions. Questions like are the Steelers THAT good or are the Titans just that bad? Is it skill or luck? Could we do this against a healthy Titans squad? Are we going to find out the hard way on November 25th when we play in Tennessee? Why did they move down the field on their first possession? Bell or Kearse, who�s the real freak? Who says we aren�t a �come from behind team�? Did Plaxico really come of age or was he just taking advantage of a banged up secondary? Who knew a ball hitting an upright could make that sound? Why can�t 63,000 people be louder than 59,000 use to be? Is Eddie George really the Titans whole offense? Why didn�t Burress get his second foot in? Were the Titans dismantled or did they just self-destruct? Who knew Kris Brown could run like that and was his foot out of bounds? Was that a �dong sack�? Why can�t Kordell hit a receiver in stride like Maddox did from his own end zone? Was the play of the game really the unsportsman-like penalty called on safety Perry Phenix when the game was tied 7-7 as Gary Dulac claims? Why can�t Bettis gain 100 yards against Tennessee? How did Kreider get the ball out of that end zone? Will we be overconfident next week? Can we pound the Ravens like this? Can we be this years Ravens? How did Burress come up with that one ball?And why is it that sometimes the ball just bounces your way? Don�t they call that DESTINY? Hmmm. Destiny????

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