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Stillers-Browns Postgame Analysis and Grades

September 23, 2022 by Still Mill

Brownies 29, Stillers 17 ...... Sep 22, 2022 ………Game # 3


Stillers-Browns Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers had a 1 point lead at the half.   Sure as shit, in the 2H, the offense didn’t do dick, and the D got gashed for 2 looonnnnnng, brutal drives, giving Cleve an insurmountable 9 point lead.  




QB:   Trib got the start.  Solid 1st half.  Good QB keeper for a short TD run, 2Q.   Near the end of the 1H, Cleve called a TO with 6 seconds left, with PIT having the ball at the Clev 43.   What did Big Mitch do on the final play of the half?   Why, he rolled out right, and then lamely throw a throw-away out pass……5 yards down the field.    Fuking brilliant !   What a baller !   Fierce competitor, that fellow !


The 2d half was downright awful.    C-  



Harris  –  good TD run, 2Q.  Stellar blitz block, 2Q.  Whiffed on a blitzer, 3rd down and 3, late 4Q. 


Warren – Nice running, late 1Q.   Fumbled the ball at the end of a hefty gainer, 2Q, but Dionte recovered.  Stellar, big RAC on a shovel pass, 3Q, but it was negated by an illegal man downfield flag. 


Snell –   Didn’t play on O.


FB:    Watt played very sparingly on O, if at all.    


Dionte – Nice grabs, 1 and 2 Q.  Alert fumble recovery, 2Q.  Dropped a short hitch, early 3Q.  Dropped a well thrown deep lob on 3rd down, late 3Q, as the ball went right thru his hands.   Very poor.   B-


Claypool – had a couple of grabs.   Flagged for OPI.   Not making the jump I wanted to see this season.   C+


Boykin – wasn’t used on O. 


Pickens – Made an incredible, OBJ-like 1-handed grap on a deepish sideline pass, late 1Q.   Missed a fairly routine out pass, early 3Q.  But should have used BOTH hands on a catchable ball in the EZ, late 4Q.   B



Pat FryBoy – Was completely ignored in the 1H.  Wasn’t targeted until 57 minutes had expired.  


Gentry – used as a blocker.  


OL:  Overall, the line (Moore, Dotson, Cole, Daniels, Okorafor ) above average.  Daniels had a nice pancake block on the Harris 11 yard run, 2Q.  Pukes Okroafor was illegally downfield on the shovel pass to Warren, negating a 37 yard gainer in the 3Q.  Moore got run over and shoved to the ground by Garrett late in the 4Q.   Overall, they gave the QB good time, and the running lanes were decent.   B 



Heyward – The $65M Man got shoved around quite a bit, and did very, very little.   Had 4 solos in a mouse-quiet effort.   C-


Ogunjobi – didn’t do much.    C-


Alu Alu – didn’t do dick.    C-


Wormley – not much.    C


Leal – barely did anything. 


Adams – batted a pass, 2Q. 



Bush – adequate tackle of a ground play, 13:24 2Q.   But then feebly just pawed at Njoku after a short grab, turning 6 yards into 19.  Got steamrolled by Chubber on a line plunge, mid 3Q, turning a 5 yard run into 9 yards.   Stood up to Hunt and stuffed him at the end of a couple yard run, short of the goal line, 4Q.  Was more involved that we usually see from this stiff.      C+


Jack – whiffed on Chubber, 2d play of 4Q.  Chipped in some, but not nearly enough.  B-


Watt – did not play


Highsmith – committed a foolish offsides on 3d & 6, 1Q, when he clearly wasn’t looking 1 iota at the football.  Slashed in and dropped Chubber for a loss, mid 4Q.  Good spin move for a partial Dong sack, late 4Q.   C+


Spillane – Got abused here and there.   Got dragged by Chubb for 4 yards after making bear-hug type of contact in the backfield.   Very poor.     C+


Jamir Jones – did little.


Malik Reed –  did little.



Wallace – had a rare bus-up, 1Q.   Did little thereafter. 


Cam Sutton -   got tooled badly on a 3d & 9 out pass, 2Q.   Very soft, and poor.   Got abused and tooled by Cooper on a long gainer, 3d & 1, 1st play of 4Q.    C


Norwood –  not much PT on D. 


Edmunds – Nice of Terrell Edmunds to play a SOFTIE SITBACK from the 11 yard line, allowing a cake-easy completion and WALK IN for a TD, 1Q.   Then got tooled by Njoku in the 2Q for another short TD allowed.  Had all of ONE solo the entire game.   Gutless pussy.   D-   


Minkah -  Was surprisingly un-active and rarely ever around the ball.    C-


‘Spoon – whiffed like a complete pansie on the 39 yard run by Chubber, 1Q.   Got abused by Cooper on a short speed out, good for 28 yards, 3Q.   Got tooled for a long pass play by Cooper in the 1H, but Coop went OOB before the grab, saving Spooon from further embarrassment.   Mercifully, Spoon guy injured in the 3Q and did not return.    C-


Maulet – Did little. 


Spec teams:  

Harvin– vomity pooch punt, 3Q, which was FC at the 14.  Booted well inside Clev territory, this punt needs to land inside the 10.  Very bland, mediocre punting.    C


Boswell – completely ignored the HIGH WINDS and missed a 50-yard FG, 1Q, because the wind pushed the boot to the right.    Hit a 34 yard FG in the 4Q.    C


Norwood was a mile offsides on the late onsides KO try.   The ref cited Pickens, but it was Norwood. 


OC:  Matt Canada oversaw a half decent 1st half, only to be followed up by a grisly, miserable 2H in which the offense never could do jack shit.   57 minutes into the game, and Canada finally targets Pat Fryboy   Fuking brilliant !  This offense is sheer garbage, and at least 45% of the problem is the idiot OC.    D-



Austin has THE highest paid defense, by far, in the entire NFL.   So I don’t want to hear bullshit caterwauling about missing Watt.   There’s still a shit ton of highly paid resources at his disposal.    For the 3rd consecutive game, this defense fuking WILTED in the 4th quarter, like faggot-fuk pussies.   A fuking disgrace.   For the 2d week in a row, Austin turned a mediocre, average QB into the 2nd coming of Roger Staubach.  

HC:  Mike Asslin oversaw yet another pussyfied, meek 4th quarter in which is team got dominated and ass-whipped.  Too much softee play, and not enough malice, intensity, ball-hawking, and ass-kicking.   The defense mirrors Mike Asslin – all talk and bullshit, and ZERO backing it up with any kind of asskicking toward the foe.  I’m going to laugh my ass off wathching Asslin lose at least 8 more games this year.   F


Synopsis:  This team has problem, and they are many.   An offense that can’t score more than 17 points a game.   A soft, over-rated Defense that gets carved and gashed in the 4Q of every game, and gets can’t the fuk off the field.   A dim-bulbed coaching staff that stands around ossified during games, unable to make a single fuking adjustment.  This has all the look of a long, ugly season.  Very ugly.


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