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Stillers-Jills Postgame Analysis and Grades

October 09, 2022 by Still Mill

Bills 38, Stillers 3  Game # 5 …..Oct 9, 2022


Stillers-Jills Postgame Analysis and Grades


The 1-3 Stillers moseyed north to Buff to take on the 3-1 Bills.   This was KP’s first career NFL start.  The Bills scored a 98-yard bomb on the 3rd play of the game, and never looked back, as it was 31-3 at the half.   The Bills called off the dogs in the 2nd half, lest they’d have scored 50 points with ease.  


QB:  Pickett got his 1st NFL start.   Stellar pass to Pickens, early 3d & 11, for 12 yards.  Led a sound, solid march down to the Buff 11, for a FG.   


Shabby INT, late 2Q.   No sense toiling over all the details. Overall, he played well, and was victimized by a plethora of drops and sub-par footwork along the sidelines.  He obviously looks and performs 4 times better than Mitchell Trib.    B- 



Harris - far too timid on the early toss sweep, which lost 3.  He did marginally better on a toss sweep in the 2nd series, but was still too timid and got lit up by the LB after a 3 yard gain.   Had a measly 17 yards on 9 rushes in the 1H.    Took a carry at 2:00 3Q, amid a GAPING hole, and was far too slow, getting nailed for no gain.  A shoit carry by a back who bulked up far too much in the offseason.  No burst, no acceleration, no nothing.   Had 11 rushes for 20 yards, and 3 grabs for 16.   Very bland, like pablum.   D+  


Warren - ran hard, with malice and authority.   He’s the Anti-Najee !      B+


FB:  Watt grabbed a short pass, 1st play of game, on a designed rollout.    Just think – they had all week to prepare for the 1st play of the game, and this 2-yard completion was the best they could conjure.    Played a few plays here and there.   



Fryboy - Clumsily slipped after a 3rd down grab, 2Q, which prevented him from moving the chains.  Took a helmet to the head after a short grab, late 3Q, and of course no flag was thrown.  HAd 2 grabs for 12.    Inc.


Gentry - good grab to convert a 3rd down, first series.   Flagged for a hold, 1Q, but it clearly was not a penalty.   A poor call by the ref, reacting to home crowd whining rather than WATCHING and SEEING what actually was happening.  Had what was probably a career high 5 grabs.   B



Pickens - good grabs, opening drive.   Later, a superb grab for 29 yards, high pointing the ball.  Had a stellar grab, early 4Q, with 1 hand and 1 foot & a shoulder landing IB, but the refs incorrectly ruled it INC and Mike Asslin was too dimbulbed to challenge it.   He’s clearly establishing himself as the best WR on the roster.    A-


Carpool - rare, good effort, on the 1st series, plowing for 5 extra yards.  Dropped a low but entirely catchable pass on 4th down early in the 4Q.  Flagged for a false start, 4Q.  Had 5 grabs for 50.   C+


Dionte - made an early  superb 1-handed grab at the Buff 2, but his toe was OOB.   On a 3rd down, 2nd drive, Dionte allowed yet another pass to CLANG off his hands, and was nearly INT’d.  CATCH THE BALL.   In the 3Q, on a 4th down, Dionte allowed a DB to poke the ball out of his hands as he was going OOB, resulting in an Inc catch.    Another boner for Dionte !!    Had 5 grabs for 60, along with the bevy of mistakes.   C- 



Moore got whipped for a sack in the 3Q, and then committed a false start on 4th & 8 late in the 3Q, forcing a FG try.  The overall line play was average.    C




Heyward - finally did something, stopping Allen on a designed QB keeper and whipping him to the ground.  Had 1 solo and 2 weakling assists in the 1H.  Finished the game with ONE solo.   So impressive !   C- 


Ogunjobi - injured his back, 1H.   


Wormley - Did little


Alu Alu - Again, did little.   Remember how fans claimed that Alu being injured was THE key to last season?      



Bush - Got torched by Shakir on a deep seamer for 31 yards.   Then, on the very next play, he blitzed in, as upright as a giraffe, and watched Allen just run RIGHT BY him for a long, 16 yard run.   This was as poor a play as a starting ‘backer can make at the NFL level.  Finished with 3 solos and 1 A …..not nearly good enough.     D- 


Leal - had 2 batted passes, 1H.  Got injured, 3Q.  Played solidly.  


Jack - committed a silly, needless late-hit flag just before the 3rd TD.   Forced the fumble (not Scam Heyward, as the idiots at CBS kept claiming) near the GL in the 3Q.  Played above average.   C+ 


Spillane - abused on a SLUGO by a backup TE, late 1H, but a poor, short  throw his Spillane in the ass, lest it woulda been a TD.   Dropped a cake-easy INT, late 2Q.  Did little.    C-  


Lowswith – the media darling had ONE solo the entire game, and ZERO assists. What a he-man!   Pressure?   None.   Not once.  Harassment?    None.   Run stuffing?  None.    He was a complete zero today, doing nothing at all.   D- 



Sutton - good run stop, late 1Q, and another early 2Q.  Got abused by Diggs by being way, way too soft on a slant pattern from the PIT 15.   Got nicked up in the game and sat out the 2H.  


Minkah - got tooled on a deep bomb, and then, despite having 2 hands on the ball, failed to wrest the ball away from Davis, resulting in a 62-yard TD.   Was quiet and passive most of this game.   C


Wallace – was slow as molasses on the early 98-yard TD bomb.     Showed zero hip swivel and had all the reaction of a sloth.   Actually had decent coverage on Diggs on a deep bomb, first play of 2Q.  Then snared an INT in the EZ later in that drive.    At least he didn’t mope after the early torching.     B 


Norwood – not a good look at all on the early 98 yard TD.   Looked clumsy and disinterested.  Got abused on a RAC in the 3Q,whiffing feebly.   Dude had a chance prove his worth today, and he failed.   C-


Josh Jackson - got humiliated and abused for a TD, late 2Q.  



Harvin - poor 26 yard punt, 2Q.  Many poor boots, actually…..and I don’t want to hear the sob stories about the wind.    C 


Boswell - hooked two FGs wide left.  Very poor.  D   


Pierre - for no known reason, Pierre was back for the first KO, and looked like he hadn’t fielded a KO since the 7th grade.  He grossly misjudged the ball, and the result was a fumbled KO that Buff would have converted into 3 points had their PK not shanked the boot..  


OC:  With all week to prepare, what does Canada call on the 1st play of the game?    A designed rollout pass to the FB for THREE yards.   Impressive !!   And clever!     


All in all, it was a bland, no-brained scheme that fooled no one and stressed no one on the Buff defense.  Facing a D that was missing 3/4 of its secondary. Canada spent the entire 1H trying to turn this game into a plungefest, which of course produced jack squat in yardage and 1st downs.   Canada literally deserves to be fired on Monday AM.    F


DC:  1st drive, 3d and 10 from the Buff 2, and Austin, the idiot that he is, has no true deep HELP on the deep ball to Davis, resulting in a 98 yard TD pass.  This vaunted defense was soft and feeble ALL game long.   No harassment of the QB, EVER, the entire game.   On all of the deep ball attempts, Allen had EONS of time, and a clean pocket, to throw deep.   For the highest paid defense in the NFL, this Softee Defense ain’t playing anywhere near adequately enough.   F



Down by 21 late in the 2Q, Mike Asslin eschews going for it on 4th & 5 inside the Buff 20, and instead orders a FG amid the swirling wind.  The FG was no good.   It was a dumbassified decision at its worst.   Typical Azzlin – he talks all tough and full of bravado, but every decision he makes is chicken and scared.    The team looked ill-prepared and didn’t fight at all once the 1st quarter ended.   Not good.   It’s high time Stoogelin moved on to his life’s work, and quickly.    F-   


Synopsis:  The worst loss in the Stoogelin era. The team got whipped in all facets of the game, and played a soft, feeble brand of football.   At this point, one has to seriously wonder if this sorry squad can eke out even 4 wins this season.    

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