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Power Rankings (week 2)

September 16, 2010 by Steel Haven

1.1.New Orleans Saints1-0Did what they needed to do in the nationally televised home opener on Thursday night.
2.3.Green Bay Packers1-0Former second rounder Jackson must step up after loss of Grant for the season.
3.7.New England Patriots1-0Return of Welker makes offense scary. Not that they weren�t scary even without Welker.
4.8.Baltimore Ravens1-0Can the defense hold up or was their week one success more a function of the Jets ineptitude?
5.16.Tennessee Titans1-0Johnson or bust.
6.17.Houston Texans1-0Will the second win in franchise history against the Colts finally vault them into the playoffs for the first time? Foster provides a different dimension.
7.2.Indianapolis Colts0-1Won't have to decide whether to try for an undefeated season at the end of this year.
8.5.Minnesota Vikings0-1Defense put up a solid effort in an untenable situation playing the Super Bowl champions on the road in the Thursday night opener. Obviously need Favre to get in synch with his receivers.
9.11.Pittsburgh Steelers1-0Won the game they needed to win without Roethlisberger. Now neither the trip to Tennessee nor the visit by the Ravens are must wins before the bye as long as they can take care of business in Tampa. Although a 3-1 record before the return of Roethlisberger would stamp them as legitimate contenders.
10.12.New York Giants1-0Nicks was fantasy player of the week with three scores.
11.4.Dallas Cowboys0-1Steelers remain the only team to win 400 games since the merger. Romo's dump off to Choice on the final play of the first half that resulted in the Redskins only TD, the only TD of the game, was unfathomable.
12.6.San Diego Chargers0-1Dropped to 5-8 under Turner in September.
13.9.Cincinnati Bengals0-1Totally overmatched by the Patriots.
14.10.Atlanta Falcons0-1Need to get the running game untracked which should be easier at home against the Cardinals than in Pittsburgh.
15.13.New York Jets0-1Could fall to 0-2 in the New Meadowlands with a visit from the Patriots up next. Losing Jenkins again for the season doesn't help.
16.19.Washington Redskins1-0Took advantage of mistakes. I may not be a huge Shanahan fan, but he is clearly a major upgrade on Zorn.
17.25.Seattle Seahawks1-0Maybe Carroll really does know what he is doing.
18.18.Miami Dolphins1-0Came away with a win despite uninspired play in Buffalo.
19.14.Philadelphia Eagles0-1Loss of Jackson for the season is more costly than short term losses of Kolb or Bradley.
20.15.San Fransisco 49ers0-1Perhaps the experts should not have anointed them as division champs. Things don�t get easier with a visit from the Saints on Monday night.
21.22.Chicago Bears1-0CJ caught the ball. NFL rules be damned.
22.23.Arizona Cardinals1-0Seem to be in for a long season despite conference road win in old home town of St. Louis.
23.24.Jacksonville Jaguars1-0Needed a win to put fans in the seats and quiet talk of relocation.
24.26.Kansas City Chiefs1-0Usually one last place team from the previous season wins their division. Could this year be their turn? I actually cut their coaches grass as part of my summer job when he was a little kid and his Dad was the Steelers' Director of Player Personel. So in some perverse way I am rooting for them despite the hiring of Weis. Damn, this makes me feel old.
25.21.Carolina Panthers0-1Can't be happy about how bad supposed breakout candidate Moore looked before leaving with a concussion. At least Claussen fell to them in the second round.
26.30.Tampa Bay Buccaneers1-0Couldn't afford to lose to the Browns at home and didn't thanks in large part to Delhomme. At least it's a start.
27.20.Oakland Raiders0-1Talk of their improvement was premature.
28.27.Denver Broncos0-1Trade for Maroney makes little sense since RB is one of the few positions at which they are adequate.
29.28.Detriot Lions0-1Deserved a better fate. At least early indications are that Stafford will not need shoulder surgery.
30.32.St. Louis Rams0-1Clayton had an immediate rapport with Bradford. Now Bradford needs to make fewer mistakes for them to be truly competitive.
31.29.Cleveland Browns0-1Delhomme�s pick six just before halftime when they held a 14-3 lead turned the game around. Typical. Delhomme is currently in a walking boot which would be good news if Wallace wasn't the backup.
32.31.Buffalo Bills0-1You and ten of your friends would have had a better chance of scoring against the Dolphins in the two minute drill. Even Spiller fell flat.

*Last week's ranking
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