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Weekly Hard Hat Winner (Game #11)

November 23, 2000 by Still Mill


Holmes Again Wins Weekly Hard Hat Award (Game #11, vs. Jax)

Stiller ILB Earl "Hit Man" Holmes is the winner of my weekly Hard Hat Award, given to the Stiller player who best embodies the iron-tough, hard-as-steel attitude of the steel workers inside the blast furnace of a still mill.

Holmes played tenacious, inspired football against the Jags, finishing with 7 solos and 6 assists on a nite when it started to get irritating just hearing the PA announcer utter "Stop by Holmes" over and over and over again. Holmes was all over the field and played with the kind of ferocity this must-win game called for. It's just shame that a few of Holmes' mates let him down, as a win on national TV, with this kind of sterling individual effort by Holmes, might very well have garnered the Earl of Hitting just enough votes to get the free trip to Hawaii. Without question, this effort versus the Jags caps off a superb, pro-bowl-caliber season thus far for Holmes.

Kudos to Earl for winning the weekly Hard Hat Award. Wear the Hard Hat proudly, Hit Man !!

Previous Winners:

Game #10, vs. Phil: Jerome Bettis

Game #9, vs. Tenn: Earl Holmes

Game #8, vs. Balt.: Dan Kreider

Game #7, vs. Cleve: Chris Fu

Game #6, vs. Cinci: D. Washington and Joey Porter

Game #5, vs. NYJ: Larry Tharpe

Game #4, vs. Jax: Kimo von Oelhofen

Game #3, vs. Tenn: Shar Pourdanesh

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