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Book Review - “Gridiron Leadership”

November 02, 2009 by Still Mill

Book Review - Gridiron Leadership

Book Review - �Gridiron Leadership�


The bye week gives one the chance to catch up on other noble pursuits.In my case, it�s often reading, and I had the distinct pleasure of reading a fabulous new book that I�m sure fans will find just as enjoyable.�� Entitled �Gridiron Leadership�, this succinct book uses football as the backdrop to analyze key traits, tactics, and strategies for successful leadership and winning organizations.


Right off the bat, this book has been endorsed by none other than Stiller President Art Rooney II, who wrote a poignant foreword at the beginning of this book.If that�s not enough of an endorsement for this book, then I don�t know what would be.


Three authors wrote this book.Two of them -- Dr. Evan Offstein and Jason Morwick -- are former Army officers with years of leadership experience as well as business experience.Offstein is currently on the business faculty at Frostburg St. University in Maryland.The third, Scott Griffith, played ball in the Canadian Football League and has over 27 years of leadership experience in the field of law enforcement.Together, these men fully appear to have a sound, firm grasp of football, leadership, and building winning organizations.


The authors take the reader through the critical steps of leadership and building winning teams -- from the recruitment & retention of winning players (or employees) to building a winning climate in the organization.Each chapter is supported by relevant, real-world examples taken from the gridiron as well the corporate boardroom.�� This succinct, 180-page book walks the gamut of modern leadership and management -- human resources, crisis leadership, ethical leadership, strategic decision making, and organizational change.The authors and editors did a strong job of making this book smooth and enjoyable to read, and relevant as well with a host of recent examples from the world of football (including Super Bowl 43).


Stiller fans will be pleased with the number of positive references and examples related to the Stillers.Obviously, the Stillers are a good source of what a winning climate and strong, consistent leadership looks like, so it was terrific to see the Stillers cited throughout this book.

If you are -- as I am -- a leader who enjoys the study of organizational behavior, business management, and leadership, you�ll find yourself reading sections of this book and exclaiming, �Yes, that�s right on!�Throughout this tome, the authors hit the nail on the proverbial head time and time again, and if nothing else, I can think of a half-dozen former bosses, subpar as they were, who are in dire need of this book.


The authors also incorporate collegiate football into their examples.For example, their citation of the traditions at Texas A&M (including their famed �12th man� concept) was superbly on the mark.��


Although football is the central backdrop of this book, this book is more about leadership and winning organizations and less about pure football data and readers and fans, who have shown a marked advantage in worldly intelligence and awareness over their brethren from other message boards and fan sites, will unquestionably find this book enjoyable, worthwhile, and intellectually stimulating.�� The book can be purchased though Amazon and Barnes & Noble.�� Along with Art Rooney himself, I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in leadership, winning organizations, and the strategic management of football.



Still Mill and -- �When it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close�.�


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