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Falcon Post-game

August 04, 2001 by Steel Phantom

Falcon post-game notes:

Falcon post-game notes:


Overall, a very poor performance; the Stiller 1st and 2nd units went down 13-0 leaving it to the 3rd and 4th strings to pull out an utterly meaningless victory.�� Breaking this game into the following well-known categories:


The Good:


Kendrell Bell:Very clearly, an impact player who can rush passer, play sideline to sideline and is stout at the POA.Last night, Bell was the best defender on the field.IMO, the Mike Jones Era is over; Bell should be the starter ASAP.


Tommy Maddox: After enduring Stewart and Graham re-run the hapless futility of the 2000 season, it was a pleasure to see Maddox come in and immediately focus the offense.Tommy looked crisp throwing the ball; he seemed to have excellent chemistry with Spike and he demonstrated good ball-handling ability.�� On a toss left for 22 yards, Maddox set up Amoz with a convincing dive fake right and a nice backhand pitch.When Maddox went in, the ball went downfield; when the ball went downfield, running room developed.


Spike, Tim Baker and Demetrious Brown:The Stiller�s (3) big WR all looked fairly polished.Spike made two downfield grabs; Brown worked the sideline effectively and, when Baker came across the middle, he looked like he�d been there before.


Tee Martin:Drove to the winning score showing the same leadership he last displayed in Mexico City.Reputably scatter-armed, Martin was accurate enough last night.


Jason Simmons:I�ve been heavily down on this player but, last night, he showed heart and decent ability at CB.Well done.


Honorable mention:Joey Porter and Earl Holmes were the only D-side starters who earned their pay.Casey Hampton generally locked up two OL but then seldom got much push; an exception was on Bailey�s sack where this man launched a determined bull rush, put two OL on the ground so creating room for Bailey to close the deal.Justin Kurpeikis came free on a couple rushes late but didn�t flash much closing speed.Kris Brown got a KO to the end zone.


The Bad:


Kendrick Clancy:Repeatedly moved out during Atlanta�s first drive.Very poor, Clancy is not a quality starting NT.


DE:Smith and KvO did nothing in limited duty.Combs spent his time wandering around like a cow in pasture.Bailey did collect a sack (thanks to Hampton) but looked pathetically slow chasing Vick.Chris Hoke had a nice play in the 4th shedding some future Walmart warehouse worker to make a play.


Jason Gildon:Evidently has yet to study film from Jax 2 last year.Repeatedly out of position defending the inevitable cut-back, very poor.


Roger Knight:Feature play was a laughable effort at run support; Knight went down onto his back so fast that the lead blocker got tangled so delaying the play for Bell to come over and make a solid stick.Knight is slow off the edge, slow in the open field and functioned best as speed bump at the POA.


Mike Logan:Nearly made a couple plays; in fact, made none.Gave nice over the top help in the second quarter but dropped a tough INT.Was involved in the punt fumble scrum down near the Falcons goal late.These are plays winning players make.


Kordell Stewart:2/7 and, last night, gave no glimmer of better things to come.Threw into coverage, threw inaccurately, generally led a listless group in a listless performance.


Bobby Shaw:By my count, got his hands on (5) balls but caught only (1).


Jerame Tumane:Just awful; no catches and very little effort on Brookings� sack.


The Ugly:


Offensive scheme:What new scheme?Line plunges, curls and third down screens were features in the first half.The passing game opened up when Maddox came in but, under Stew and Graham, it was same old, same old.


D-side:Speed?The new swift Stillers were as susceptible to cut-backs and underneath routes as were the 2000 slow, fat Stillers.




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