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Stillers - Poebirds Postgame Analysis and Grades

January 01, 2023 by Still Mill

Stillers 16, Poebirds 13  ...... Jan 1, 2023 ………Game # 16


Stillers - Poebirds Postgame Analysis and Grades


The 7-8 Stillers mosied to Maryland to face the hosted the 10-5 Ratbirds.   In typical fashion, this was a tight game, and it went pretty much down to the wire




QB:   KP got the start.  

Clumsily trip[ed and fell, on a 1st down play, but like a jackass, refused to GET UP and at least dive forward for 2 or 3 yards, if not more. 


Stellar completion on the run on a 3rd down to Pickens, but Pickens, the jackmule, had stepped OOB before the ball was thrown. 


Not the greatest of stats thru 3 quarters, but in the 4Q, he led an 80-yard FG drive, and then an 80-yard GW TD drive, capped off by a brilliant scramble and pass on the run to Najee for the TD.    Dude has ice in his veins and tons of moxie.     A- 



Harris  –  rang angry tonite, something rarely seen.   Best game of the season, by far, with 22 carries for 111 yards.  And, to cap it off, a brilliant grab on a touch catch for the GW TD.     A+


Warren –   stellar grab on 3d & 2, first series, along with a nice RAC.   Big run on an end around, 2 plays later, for 31 yards.  Good grab on a valve pass, 3Q, making 6 yards out of nothing.  Then grabbed a short pass 2 plays later, and converted a 3d & 4.   Had 12 rushes for 76, plus 3 grabs for 22.     Very good game.     A


Snell –   no PT on O.


FB:    Watt played a few bit plays.   Good plunge to convert a 3d & 1, first series.



Dionte –  got injured on a play in which he wasn’t involved, 3Q.  Initially was ruled to have grabbed a rare downfield pass, but the oaf failed to get his 2nd foot in bounds.   Had 2 grabs for 35.      B-


Boykin – no PT on O.


Pickens –  failed to corral a very catchable TD pass, 1st series.  Grabbed a 3rd down reception, 2d series, but was correctly flagged for stepping OOB (like a jackass) prior to the grab.   What a fool.  


Stellar grab on 3d & 14, 3Q, making an amazing, diving pluck.  Had 2 grabs for 29.     B-


Sims –   good grab on a deep in-route just prior to the 2MW, good for 28 yards. 


GunnerO – Thankfully, not targeted on O.  Good block on Warren’s long run, 1Q. 



Pat FryBoy –  Committed a false start, like a jackass, on 1st & goal at the 3, first series.  Nice grab on GW TD drive.   Had 3 for 36.     B


Gentry – thankfully, wasn’t thrown his weekly pass for a 1-yard gainer.   


Con Heyward – little PT on O. 


OL:  Overall, the line (Moore, Dotson, Cole, Daniels, Okorafor ) had a superb game in run blocking….perhaps their best of the year, given the foe.   The pass pro was a bit leaky.    


Moore got completely abused to the inside on a rush, 2Q.   Okorafor got whipped on a plunge, causing a 2-yard loss, 10:00 4Q.  Oorofor got shoved back into Najee on a running play, 1:10 left in the game, which wrecked the play for a piddly 2 yard gain.      Overall grade:    B- 



Heyward –  helped stop a plunge on 3d & 1, 2Q.  Late in the 2Q, a 3rd 7 long play is stopped WELL short of the sticks, forcing a FG.....but Scam Heyward commits a jackassed DEAD BALL personal foul, and the next play Balt scores a TD.   4-point swing…..all thanks to the selfish, jackassed stupidity of the supposed “team leader”, Big Cam Heyward.  


Got a Dong Assist, 3Q, when Huntley scrambled and was corralled by Minkah 3 INCHES from the sidleine, and Scam came in and gave Huntley a shot as Hunt was falling OOB.    A classic DONG assist.  Got an assist on a run stuff, 4Q, that forced a 2 yard loss.   


Scam Heyward, the $65M hype machine, finally did something productive, getting his FIRST solo tackle of the game with 4:30 left in the game, getting a solo on a plunge.     D    


Ogunjobi –  chipped in here and there. 


Adams – didn’t do all that much. 


Alu Alu – did very little.    


Leal – helped stuff a run, 1st series.  Helped stop a power pitch, later in the series.  Good run stop, 2:45 3Q.  B+


Wormley – out for rest of season. 



Bush – didn’t play a D snap, 1H.  Goyt completely humiliated by Andrews on a 2d & 25 play, 3Q, for 19 yards.  Thankfully, rarely if ever played after that.     D- 


Jack – played here and there. 


Watt – slashed in to stop a run, 2d series.  Big sack, late 3Q.    Had 3 solos, 4 As, in a fairly bland effort.   C+


Highsmith – helped stop an end around, 1st series.  That was pretty much it, 1st half.  Big Al Highsmith, ZERO solos, 2 assists in the 1H. Same fellow who had all of ONE solo 3 weeks ago vs. Balt.    And to think of the 1000's of fools who complained that this overhyped stiff was "snubbed" for the Blo Bowl.    ha !


Slashed in, early 3Q, but WHIFFED on the tackle attempt, turning a 2 yard loss into a 2 yard gain.  Got a slop assist on a 4 yard run, 5:00 4Q. 


End of game stats:  Big Al Highsmith, ZERO solos, 3 measly assists, ZERO impact.   This, after having ONE solo 3 weeks ago vs. Balt.    Remember all the fools whining about Highsmith being "snubbed" for a spot in the Blo Bowl ?       D


Spillane –  failed to fill the hole on the 1st & 15 run, late 2Q, which netted 16 yards.  Stuffed a designed QB run up the gut, late 2Q.  Snuffed a screen play, next play.     B   


Mark Robinson – Saw a goodly amount of PT as a LB complementing Spillane.  Good run stop of an off-tackle counter, late 2Q.    B+



Wallace – played ok.  


Cam Sutton -  wasn’t all that involved.      


Norwood – did not dress, due to a ham. 


Edmunds – Got abused by Andrews on a key 3d & 5, first series, good for a first down.  Got tooled on a variety of other plays as well.     C   


Minkah -  got nicked up but returned shortly after.  Sealed the win with an INT.    B


Pierre –  didn’t do much  


Kayzee –   chipped in only mildly.  


Maulet – played here and there.   Good coverage in the EZ on a 3d down pass, early 2Q.  Got abused for a TD late in the 2Q. 


Spec teams:  

Harvin –  good (and therefore, rare) punt, 2Q, that pinned Balt down on their own 6.   Had another good boot in the 4Q.     Stunning!       A 


Boswell – clanged a 48-yard FG try off the upright (no good), 2Q.  Booted a 51 yard FG, 3Q.  Booted a 33-yarder, 4Q. 


Sims –  didn’t do much in the return game   


Minkah committed a foolish hold on a punt return, 2Q. 


Connor Heyward whiffed, and the rest of the KO coverage sucked, allowing a longggg 56 yard KO return in the 4Q. 


OC:  Matt Canada oversaw a productive running game.    But I despised how he failed to take advantage of that with play-action passes or ANYTHING that could catch the Ravens off-guard or sneaking up.     C+



Austin had the luxury of not facing QB LaMar Jackson, and got Tyler Huntley instead. 


Wasted a TO before a 3d & 8, first series.  Well, so much for this vaunted defense "learning from the last game vs. Balt"   They had the ball jammed down their throats on Balt's 1st drive of 15 plays that chewed up nearly 8 minutes of clock, for a FG.


1st & 15, 2Q, and this vaunted D allows a 16 yard run off tackle. 


Overall, the D played okay, although it got gashed repeatedly by Dobbins and Andrews.   C+


HC:  Mike Asslin will be all tough and proud over this thin win.    If his team captain, Scam Heyward, hadn’t committed such a foolish penalty, the game may not have been so taught.    These kinds of foolish penalties have gone on alllll season long, and Stoogelin has done nothing to curtail them.     B


Synopsis:  Nevermore, nevermore !    The Poebirds bite the dust!     This win hampers the team’s draft position, but it’s ultra nice to be getting this kind of experienced for the young rookie QB, Ken Pickett. 




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