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Four Rivers.

May 18, 2001 by Steel Phantom

Old Man Rivers comes to town:

Old Man Rivers comes to town:


The FO continues to spend precious cap money on zero-impact veterans.�� Ron Rivers is a 30 year old, 7-year vet who has piled up 749 yards rushing on 175 carries, 264 yards receiving on 28 receptions and 477 yards on 24 kick-off returns.Somehow, he has found the end zone 4 times over the course of his career.


Rivers hails from Fresno State, the same football powerhouse that provided the Stillers with Jahine Arnold and Chris Conrad.CNN/SI describes Rivers as having functioned as the Lions short yardage back during the Barry Sanders era.Short yardage indeed, 107 yards rushing to go with 38 yards in receptions per season. That�s an average game for Edge James.While it is unreasonable to expect to get a James-type player in May, it is equally unreasonable for the FO to spend real cap dollars on players who will make no difference at all.


Remember, only the top 51 salaries count against the cap.This year, as every year, a couple of minimum rookies will not count at all.Given that no 30-year RB is likely to have a break out season, why bother with a player of River�s magnitude?With this signing, it is obvious that Hunt is gone; what may not be so apparent is that Amoz could be out the door too.No sane executive would commit$477K to a training camp body; in 2001, we may see a Stiller RB corps of Bettis, Kreider, Fu, Witman and Rivers.Excluding Kreider, these men could be described as old and slow or brittle.Fabulous.


Simmons is worthless; Blackwell is worthless; Rivers is worthless.Well, in a football sense anyway; in fact, they are, in sum, actually worth $1.465M against the 2001 cap.�� Personally, I�d like to have seen that money go towards retaining the D-side starters; failing that, I�d like to see Kevin Colbert (the Lion King) fire up the �vette and roll down North Avenue flinging fifties by the fistful out towards an adoring throng.Used judiciously, this cash could hold out to, say, Federal Street; for sure this would have no less effect on the Stiller�s 2001 fortunes than the set of signing recently reported.


Bad stupidity stalks the Stiller manse; the FO is paying lip service to the D-side crunch ahead but, obviously, is not willing to pay any real price.Signings like this one are all about the appearance of action; they will have no actual impact.The FO has some hard decisions to make but from recent events, it seems unlikely they will be up to the task.





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