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Post-It Notes from The Mailman....

December 18, 2008 by Guest

Hello again fellow Steelers fans,

       What a great finish to the Ravens game.  Ben directed another game-winning drive to send the Ravens fans home unhappy.  If Ravens fans want to discuss officiating, remind them of the pass interference not called in the first quarter and the phantom holding call on Colon later in the game.

Ravens coach Harbaugh must have been scared all game that Flacco would lose it for them.  I thought Flacco was the second coming of Joe Montana according to the media.  The Ravens played not to lose instead of to win.  It was similar to some of Cowher�s coaching of the past.

The Pro Bowl rosters came out today and there are a total of three Steelers on it.  Farrior, Harrison and Polamalu.  Missing are Reed, Smith, Ward, etc.  I am happy about all the Steelers being left out because I hope it pisses them off to play even harder.  I guess the Steelers are 11-3 against the toughest schedule in the league because of smoke and mirrors not Pro Bowl players.

I mentioned previously the key acquisition of Mewelde Moore.  Justin Hartwig has also been a nice upgrade over Sean Mahan. Darnell Stapleton has done a great job also.  Hopefully this means the release of Kendall Simmons next year.

Rod Woodson should be a first ballot HOFer this year and hopefully Dirt Dawson too.  Dawson might have to wait but with Rod there shouldn�t be any doubt.  How many old timer Steeler fans remember that in Rod�s first game as a Steeler he intercepted Boomer Esiason and returned it for a touchdown?  What a way to start a career.  This was after he held out for nine or ten weeks.

The only bad thing about this season is that anything less than a Super Bowl win will be a failure.  With free agency, injuries, age, etc. the Steelers need to make this season count.  Nobody should be able to beat the Steelers if they get home field throughout.  As long as Tomlin continues to coach the same way and avoids coaching like Cowher we will be okay. An example against Denver at home in the AFC Championship game in the 90�s.  The Steelers took the kickoff and marched down the field and had fourth down and one or two and nutless Bill went for the field goal and Norm Johnson missed it.  That is not the way to set the tone of a game.  Too bad it took many failures until Cowher got it right.

In closing, Shayne Edge was a punter that the Steelers signed in the 90�s to replace Josh Miller due to injury.  He was ejected for fighting against the Houston Oilers in Three Rivers Stadium.  What is a better story to tell your grandchildren, that you put two punts inside the twenty or you were in the middle of a brawl?  Remember Dave [Rambo] Edwards?

                               Yours in Steelerism,

                                        The Still Mailman


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