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2008 Positional Grades - Offense & The Mailman

February 22, 2009 by Guest

     Hello Super Bowl Champion Steeler fans,

            These are my 2008 season grades for offense and special teams.

-          QB.  The Steelers got to and won the Super Bowl because of Ben, what else can you say. Leftwich filled in admirably when needed. Dixon was allowed to dress but never allowed to touch the field [One of Arians many mistakes] Ben  A, Leftwich A, Dixon Batch Incomplete


-          RB. Willie had a nice season bouncing back from a broken leg. Needs to be taught how to catch a ball. Mewelde was a great pickup by the front office and contributed very well when allowed to by Arians. Mendenhall played too little to grade but showed some signs of greatness. His first order of business next year should be to take out Ray Lewis wherever that dickhead is playing. Russell took over the Bettis one yard touchdown run job. Parker B Moore A, Russell C, Mendy INC


-          FB.  Carey Davis�s one highlight of the year was leveling a Raven on the opening kickoff in the AFC Champ game. He can be replaced very easily in the draft. The only reason he should stay is special teams. McHugh outblocked Davis when allowed to by Arians. Both can be upgraded by draft or free agents. Davis C, McHugh B-


-          T.   Starks has been franchised again and should be signed to a deal. The intangible with Starks is he is good friends with Ben and whatever keeps Ben happy is what the Steelers should do. Starks filled in well enough to help his team to the Super Bowl. Smith has been a great Steeler except for his pot-smoking incident. Smith was the original Bluntman before Santonio[ look it up] He should be gone unless he is super cheap. Colon should be moved to guard if someone else can play right tackle. Essex has been MIA all season. He should be kept if cheap enough.  Starks B  Smith A [ For his career not this season] Colon C- Essex INC Hills INC


-          G.  Kemo�s agent says he is one of the best guards in the league. What league?  Arena football?  He is Keydrick Vincent all over again. Right place at the right time. Vincent had one good season for the Steelers and signed with the Ravens for big money and flopped. Keep this bum at a cheap price only. Stapleton filled in okay and did his part in this Super Bowl year but he can be upgraded. Simmons should be given a chance to win his job back. If he can�t he should be sent packing.     Kemo C-, Stapleton B-, Simmons INC


-          C.  Hartwig wasn�t dominating by any means but he did stabilize the position and was a big upgrade over Mahan. If he knew how to long snap we might have won the Giants game. The Steelers should only need him to tutor the center they draft this year.  Hartwig A-


-          TE.  If Heath was on the Colts he would be a yearly Pro Bowler. On the Steelers he is not utilized enough. He might have to become Ben�s third down man in the future, that depends on Hines. The Steelers have seen Spaeth for two seasons and need to make a decision whether to upgrade or stand pat. Both need to upgrade their blocking, Spaeth needs to learn how to run after a catch. His YAC was probably zero this year. Miller B, Spaeth C-


-          WR.  Hines had his best year since 2003 but had to be disappointed about being hurt for the Super Bowl. He delivered his usual crushing blocks and had his usual clutch catches on third down. Santonio had his breakout year especially in the big games. He overcame his dope-smoking incident and manned up. The best part about Santonio is that he is a Raven-Killer. He has played the Ravens 7 times in his career and has touchdowns in at least 5 of those games. Nate is the long ball threat but drops too many balls. If another team wants to overpay him I say good-bye. Sweed is known for his dropped TD and fake injury but he came back and made a crushing block and caught a couple balls after that. Let�s give this guy a chance. Baker needs to crap or get off the pot. Ward A, Holmes A, Nate B-, Sweed C, Baker INC


-          LS.   Retkofsky This guy is an unsung hero this year. How many bad snaps after he took over for Warren? Great job Jared. If he is cheaper than Warren I say keep him. That�s the business part of the game. Retkofsky A, Warren INC


-          K.  Reed might be a loose cannon but he gets the job done. Let him go nuts at Sheetz at 3.00 AM just keep him signed. Reed A


-          P.  Berger did a good job as holder for Reed. That job is underappreciated. His punting sucked. His tackling was better than Ike�s.     Berger the holder A, Berger the punter D, Berger the tackler A, Sepulveda get well soon....


-          Coverage Teams.  Fox,Mason,Bailey,Harrison,Woods,Davis,Frazier,etc. everybody take a bow. Except for a couple of punt returns late in the year A+


-          Return Teams.  Please find a replacement for Russell on kickoffs. A better punt returner than Moore would be nice also. C


-          Defense next time. 

 Still Mailman


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