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2009 Mock Draft

April 24, 2009 by Steel Haven

Round 1

  1. Detroit Lions

    QB Matt Stafford, Georgia

    Appear convinced that Stafford is a franchise QB after his personal workout. His physical skills are not a question. Having four more picks in the top 82 to bolster the depleted roster certainly helps. Could still switch gears based on signability.
    • Needs: QB, LT/G, LB, DT, DE, CB
    • Other Options: LB A Curry, OT J Smith
  2. St. Louis Rams

    OT Jason Smith, Baylor

    The release of the aging, oft injured Orlando Pace and lack of development from 2005 first rounder Alex Barron leaves a hole at left tackle. Smith projects as a much needed immediate starter on the left side. Not a perfect fit because new head coach Steve Spagnuolo wants to commit to the power runnning game and Smith is currently a better pass blocker than run blocker. Expecting a perfect fit in the top ten of this draft is playing a fool's game.
    • Needs: LT, MLB, WR, CB, DT/DE, QB
    • Hope might be available: QB M Stafford
    • Other Options: WR M Crabtree, LB A Curry, OT E Monroe, QB M Sanchez
  3. Kansas City Chiefs

    LB Aaron Curry, Wake Forest

    Curry is the most complete football player in this draft. The problem is that he is a better fit on the strong side or middle of a 4-3 than in a 3-4. That presents a quandry for the Chiefs. The real goal here is to trade down. GM Scott Pioli is believed to be very interested in Tyson Jackson. To get him they probably can't move below the Packers at nine. Wonder if Pioli likes Jackson enough to take him with this pick if necessary? He and his mentor Bill Belichick certainly have a history of using top picks on defensive linemen. At the end of the day the Chiefs need to add the best players available and if a trade can't be made it is hard to go wrong with Curry.
    • Needs: LB, RT/G, NT/DE, C, CB, WR
    • Hope might be available: OT J Smith
    • Other Options: DE T Jackson, OT E Monroe, trade down
  4. Seattle Seahawks

    QB Mark Sanchez, USC

    Said to prefer Sanchez over Stafford because of his familiarity with their version of the West Coast offense. Sanchez's stock has been on the rise due to workouts and interviews even though he only started thirteen games in college. Matt Hasselbeck is 33 and coming off a season hampered by back problems. The time to start grooming a replacement is now. The decision made here by the Seahawks is going to have a profound effect on the draft. They could trade the pick if they get an overwhelming offer. If they let Sanchez past what happens with the Browns pick is going to be very interesting.
    • Needs: OT, S, OLB, RB, CB, QB
    • Hope might be available: LB A Curry, OT J Smith
    • Other Options: WR M Crabtree, OT E Monroe, trade down
  5. Cleveland Browns

    NT/DE B.J. Raji, Boston College

    Finished 28th in run defense last season. Raji provides another wide body up front to help control the line of scrimmage. How he fits in with NT Shaun Rogers in the short term is less of an issue than simply adding talent to the front seven. Sanchez falling to this pick would provide interesting theatre. The Browns could sell off the pick to the highest bidder or take Sanchez and deal Brady Quinn to the Jets. A trade of Quinn might happen anyway. Eric Mangini seems intent on dismantling the current roster and starting over.
    • Needs: OLB, WR, DE, S, RB, CB
    • Hope might be available: LB, A Curry, QB M Sanchez
    • Other Options: WR M Crabtree, DE T Jackson, OLB B Orakpo, trade down
  6. Cincinnati Bengals

    OT Eugene Monroe, Virginia

    Reportedly would like to move LT Levi Jones. Have nothing after him and Anthony Collins. Monroe kept Brandon Albert off left tackle at Virginia. He should be a solid contributer immediately despite lacking Orlando Pace or Jonathon Ogden type upside. Monroe could be downgraded by some teams because of a past knee injury.
    • Needs: OT, G/C, LB, DE, DT, RB
    • Hope might be available: LB A Curry, DT BJ Raji
    • Other Options: WR M Crabtree, OT A Smith, RB C Wells
  7. Oakland Raiders

    WR Jeremy Maclin, Missouri

    Tim Brown was the last receiver that Al Davis took in the first round. Now is the time to take another. JeMarcus Russell needs weapons to continue to develop. Maclin is a playmaker that led the nation in all purpose yards. His athleticism and explosiveness would be a welcome addition.
    • Needs: WR, SLB, DE, S, DT, OT
    • Hope might be available: LB A Curry, DT BJ Raji
    • Other Options: WR M Crabtree, DE B Orakpo, OT A Smith
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars

    WR Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech

    Crabtree has supposedly aliented some people in Cleveland and Oakland. Whether or not that is true the bigger issues are his measuring two inches shorter than advertised at the combine and being unable to run in the postseason due to a broken foot. His monetary loss is the Jaguars gain. The Jaguars have been looking for a number one wideout since Jimmy Smith broke down.
    • Needs: DT, C/G, WR, CB, LB, RB
    • Hope might be available: DT BJ Raji, QB M Sanchez
    • Other Options: trade down
  9. Green Bay Packers

    DE Tyson Jackson, LSU

    A perfect fit as a 5-technique in the 3-4 defense. The Packers are starting from scratch with new coordinator Dom Capers. Jackson's stock is on the rise with rumors that he could go as high as three to the Chiefs.
    • Needs: DE, OLB, OT, NT, S, CB
    • Hope might be available: NT B Raji
    • Other Options: CB M Jenkins, OLB B Orakpo, OT A Smith
  10. San Francisco 49ers

    OLB/DE Brian Orakpo, Texas

    Orakpo is a physical freak that has been accused of sometimes taking plays off. He still played well enough to win the Lombardi and Hendricks awards. Manny Lawson appears to be a bust and Parys Haralson is nothing special even though he has developed into an adequate pass rusher. Orakpo would provide much needed explosiveness on the edge.
    • Needs: QB, OLB, OT, S, NT, RB
    • Hope might be available: NT B Raji, QB M Sanchez
    • Other Options: QB J Freeman, OT A Smith
  11. Buffalo Bills

    OT Andre Smith, Alabama

    Trade of Jason Peter leaves a gaping hole at tackle. Smith's offseason escapades have been well documented. Leaving the combine before workouts. Doing poorly at his pro day. Firing his agent at the last minute. But on the field Smith dominated the SEC. He is worth the gamble.
    • Needs: OT, DE, G/C, TE, OLB, RB
    • Hope might be available: DE B Orakpo
    • Other Options: DE R Ayers, OT M Oher, TE B Pettigrew
  12. Denver Broncos

    CB/S Michael Jenkins, Ohio St

    Worst case scenario for the Broncos. The hope is that Raji or Jackson will fall to this spot however unlikely. With both off the board they change gears and take the best remaining defender. Andre Goodman was signed to replace Dre Bly. Goodman and Champ Bailey are over 30 and there is little behind them. Jenkins is only available at this spot because he lacks blazing speed. He would be able to step in at some point for the aging Brian Dawkins if he eventually has to be moved to FS.
    • Needs: QB, OLB, NT, DE, CB, C
    • Hope might be available: DE T Jackson, OLB B Orakpo, DT B Raji
    • Other Options: OLB A Maybin, trade up
  13. Washington Redskins

    DE Robert Ayers, Tennessee

    Ayers is flying up draft boards despite only adequate measurables after starting only one season in college. He did perform well last season, but I am a bit surprised by his rise. The Redskins had only 24 sacks last season and need a bookend to play with Andre Carter. Rumors are running wild that the real aim of Daniel Snyder is to move up for Mark Sanchez. Maybe all the way up to three. Then recoup some picks by dealing Jason Campbell.
    • Needs: OT, DE, SLB, WR, C, QB
    • Hope might be available: QB M Sanchez, OT A Smith
    • Other Options: LB B Cushing, OT M Oher, trade up
  14. New Orleans Saints

    RB Chris Wells, Ohio St

    Wells replaces Duece McAllister as the compliment to Reggie Bush. This is a good fit. Wells is a pure runner with few secondary skills. He does not need them given the role he will fill. The biggest issue with this selection is the Saints only have one pick in the top three rounds and talent really needs to be added to the defense.
    • Needs: CB, RB, OLB, S, C/G, WR
    • Hope might be available: CB/S M Jenkins
    • Other Options: OLB B Cushing, CB V Davis
  15. Houston Texans

    LB Brian Cushing, USC

    Rumors that Cushing failed a steroids test proved false. He looks like a good fit on the strong side no matter what the scheme. He is a clear upgrade over Zac Diles.
    • Needs: OLB, RB, S, CB, DT, G
    • Hope might be available: CB/S M Jenkins, RB C Wells
    • Other Options: CB V Davis, RB K Moreno
  16. San Diego Chargers

    OT Michael Oher, Mississippi

    Oher was the subject of Michael Lewis's 2006 book, The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game. He overcame a rough early life to excel on the football field yet some teams still seem to question his commitment. For the Chargers he would provide an immediate upgrade over Jerome Clary on the right side and insurance against Marcus McNeill's chronic bad back on the left side.
    • Needs: DE, RT, SS, RB, G, NT
    • Hope might be available: DE T Jackson
    • Other Options: RB K Moreno
  17. New York Jets

    QB Josh Freeman, Kansas St

    Don't seem comfortable with Kellen Clemens, Brett Ratliff or Eric Ainge. Who can blame them? Goal appears to be to move up for Sanchez. That is likely to prove impossible. Settling for Freeman may not be a bad thing. He has the physical skills and more expeience than Sanchez.
    • Needs: QB, WR, DE, CB, TE, OT
    • Hope might be available: DE T Jackson, QB M Sanchez
    • Other Options: CB V Davis, WR D Heyward-Bey, TE B Pettigrew, trade up
  18. Denver Broncos (from Chicago)

    OLB/DE Aaron Maybin, Penn St

    Switch to the 3-4 requires outside linebackers that fit the scheme. One thing is known about Maybin. He can rush off the edge and get to the QB. Is that enough? Probably to start. Need to be convinced Maybin has the athleticism to develop into something more than just a pass rusher even if it will take time.
    • Hope might be available: QB J Freeman
    • Other Options: OLB E Brown, DE E Hood, DE P Jerry
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    DE/OLB Everette Brown, Florida St

    Brown's value is all over the charts. He could go anywhere from the top 15 to the mid-second round. The Bucs desperately need someone opposite Gaines Adams that can get to the QB after totaling only 29 sacks last season.
    • Needs: DT, DE, WR, OLB, CB, QB
    • Hope might be available: QB J Freeman
    • Other Options: WR D Heyward-Bey, DT P Jerry
  20. Detroit Lions (from Dallas)

    DT Peria Jerry, Mississippi St

    Signed Grady Jackson to take up blockers in the middle. Could use an athletic one gap tackle as a compliment. Jerry fits the bill.
    • Hope might be available: OT M Oher
    • Other Options: OT E Britton, LB R Maualuga
  21. Philadelphia Eagles

    RB Knowshon Moreno, Georgia

    Moreno is a perfect fit as compliment and eventual replacement for Brian Westbrook. Rumor is that the Eagles would even being willing to trade up to secure his services. A poor 40 time could make that uneccessary.
    • Needs: RB, TE, WR, LB, CB, C
    • Hope might be available: no one
    • Other Options: WR D Heyward-Bey, TE B Pettigrew, trade up
  22. Minnesota Vikings

    OT Eben Britton, Arizona

    Ryan Cook and Marcus Johnson aren't starting caliber right tackles so whether or not Britton can handle the left side is not much of an issue to the Vikings.
    • Needs: OT, WR, QB, LB, DT, CB
    • Hope might be available: DT P Jerry
    • Other Options: WR D Heyward-Bey, DT E Hood, LB C Matthews
  23. New England Patriots

    LB Rey Maualuga, USC

    Thumper to team with Jerod Mayo inside. Maualuga drops a bit due to a lack of top athleticism. He is a player. Don't discount the possibility that the Patriots will target a specific player and move up. They certainly have the picks to get a deal done.
    • Needs: OLB, OT, S, ILB, DE, CB
    • Hope might be available: OLB E Brown
    • Other Options: DE E Hood, LB C Matthews, TE B Pettigrew, trade up
  24. Atlanta Falcons

    DT Evander Hood, Missouri

    Trade for Tony Gonzalez allows them to address defense with this pick. Hood combines a solid build with excellent quickness. He has a reputation as a hard working team leader. The Falcons currently only have Trey Lewis, Kindal Moorehead and Jason Jefferson on the depth chart at tackle. This pick fills a desperate need.
    • Needs: DT, DE, OLB, S, CB, C
    • Hope might be available: DE E Brown
    • Other Options: C A Mack, LB C Matthews
  25. Miami Dolphins

    CB Vontae Davis, Illinois

    Davis is a prototypical cover corner with the perfect body and top athleticism. He is experienced and productive despite coming out early. He drops because of a perception that he is hard to coach. Bill Parcells will have to feel good about his interviews to make this pick. The upside is tremendous.
    • Needs: CB, OLB, WR, NT, G, ILB
    • Hope might be available: OLB E Brown, ILB R Maualuga
    • Other Options: WR D Heyward-Bey, LB C Matthews
  26. Baltimore Ravens

    WR Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland

    Derrick Mason can't play for ever. Heyward-Bey would provide strong armed Joe Flacco with a dynamic down the field homerun threat.
    • Needs: WR, CB, OT, DE, ILB, S
    • Hope might be available: OT E Britton, CB V Davis, DE E Hood
    • Other Options: OT W Beatty, CB D Butler
  27. Indianapolis Colts

    WR Percy Harvin, Florida

    Release of Marvin Harrison opens a spot and Bill Polian always seems more interested in adding offensive skill position players than defenders. Harvin is an explosive playmaker that lined up at both WR and RB at Florida. He falls farther than his talent would suggest after confirmed reports that he tested positive for marijuana at the combine.
    • Needs: DT, WR, MLB, RT/G, S, DE
    • Hope might be available: DT E Hood
    • Other Options: WR K Britt, WR H Nicks, LB J Laurinaitis
  28. Buffalo Bills (from Carolina thru Philadelphia)

    TE Brandon Pettigrew, Oklahoma St

    The trade of Tony Gonzalez to the Falcons and Pettigew's inability to try to improve his combine 40 due to a hamstring injury conspire to drop the best available multipurpose TE into the Bills laps. An upgrade on Derek Schouman and Derek Fine would certainly be welcome. This pick came from the Eagles for disgruntled Pro Bowl LT Jason Peter. If the Bills don't get a LT at 11 then they need to take one with this selection.
    • Hope might be available: OT E Britton
    • Other Options: OT W Beatty, DE L English, C A Mack
  29. New York Giants

    WR Kenny Britt, Rutgers

    The Plaxico Burress fiasco has been well documented. His demise took the Giants from Super Bowl favorite to playoff also ran. His ultimate release leaves a hole in the receiver corps. The Giants could still end up with Anquan Boldin or Braylon Edwards. The Cardinals have already lowered their asking price for Boldin to a second rounder. The Browns are likely to blink and accept a second and fifth rounder for Edwards. If the Giants aren't the beneficiary then drafting a receiver is paramount. Britt is a big target with long arms and excellent ball skills. Sort of like Burress.
    • Needs: WR, S, TE, LB, OT, RB
    • Hope might be available: TE B Pettigrew
    • Other Options: OT W Beatty, WR H Nicks
  30. Tennessee Titans

    CB Darius Butler, Connecticut

    An athletic, instinctive four year starter and team leader. Hard to pass up with the top defensive linemen off the board. Brown should be able to step in immediately and provide an upgrade over Cortland Finnegan.
    • Needs: DT, DE, WR, CB, MLB, QB
    • Hope might be available: DT E Hood
    • Other Options: DE L English, WR H Nicks
  31. Arizona Cardinals

    RB Donald Brown, Connecticut

    Brown led the nation in rushing in his only full year as a starter. His workout overshadowed the more highly regarded Wells and Moreno at the combine. He is a patient runner with good agility and shiftiness that also has the hands to be utilized in the passing game. Edgerrin James doesn't have much tread left on the tire even though he rebounded to play well down the stretch on the road to the Super Bowl.
    • Needs: RB, OLB, C/G, LT, DE, TE
    • Hope might be available: OT E Britton, TE B Pettigrew
    • Other Options: OT W Beatty, C A Mack, LB C Matthews
  32. Pittsburgh Steelers

    C/G Eric Wood, Louisville

    Started 49 consecutive games. Three time All Big East. Intelligent, tenacious. Athleticism was questioned somewhat before he dominated BJ Raji in Senior Bowl practices and tested well in off season workouts. Just seems like a Steelers pick. A better idea if the top three centers are still on the board at 32 might be to take a defensive lineman or corner and then package the 64th pick with a third or fourth rounder to trade up for the last remaining center in round two. The Steelers definitely do not need to add nine drafted rookies to their roster.
    • Needs: OT, G/C, CB, DE, NT, WR
    • Hope might be available: OT E Britton, CB D Butler, DE E Hood
    • Other Options: OT W Beatty, C A Mack, WR H Nicks, CB A Smith, C M Unger

Round 2

  1. Detroit Lions - LB James Laurinaitis, Ohio State
    Chris Speilman redux.
  2. New England Patriots (from KC) - LB Clay Matthews, USC
    Double up on USC linebackers.
  3. St. Louis Rams - WR Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina
    Nice compliment to Donnie Avery.
  4. Cleveland Browns - OLB/DE Larry English, Northern Illinois
    Immediate starter opposite Kamerion Wimbley as Mangini rebuilds the front 7.
  5. Seattle Seahawks - OT William Beatty, Connecticut
    Developmental project behind the aging Walter Jones.
  6. Cincinnati Bengals - C/G Alex Mack, California
    More talent for the offensive line to help keep Carson Palmer upright.
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars - DT Jarron Gillbert, San Jose St
    Never really replaced Marcus Stroud last season.
  8. Oakland Raiders - DE Michael Johnson, Georgia Tech
    Johnson's measureables are too enticing for Al Davis to ignore.
  9. Green Bay Packers - OLB/DE Connor Barwin, Cincinnati
    Presence on the edge for Caper's defense.
  10. Buffalo Bills - G/C Max Unger, Oregon
    Need to protect Trent Edwards so he can keep Terrell Owens happy.
  11. San Fransisco 49ers - S/CB Sean Smith, Utah
    Either an upgrade on Mark Roman at FS or insurance policy for Walt Harris at corner.
  12. Miami Dolphins (from Was) - WR Brian Robiskie, Ohio St
    Consistent possession receiver to team with Ginn Jr.
  13. New York Giants (from NO) - TE Shawn Nelson, Southern Miss
    All purpose TE to compliment pass catcher Kevin Boss.
  14. Houston Texans - CB Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest
    Need help opposite Dunta Robinson.
  15. New England Patriots (from SD) - T/G Jamon Merideth, South Carolina
    Versatile depth for the offensive line.
  16. Denver Broncos - NT Ron Brace, Boston College
    Presence in the middle to make the 3-4 defense work. .
  17. Chicago Bears

    WR Juaquin Iglesias, Oklahoma

    A weapon for newly acquired Jay Cutler. Iglesias would provide a steady, possession receiving option to go along with the more mercurial Devin Hester.
    • Needs: WR, DE, CB, DT, S, OT
  18. Cleveland Browns (from TB) - RB LeSean McCoy, Pittsburgh
    Can't afford to count on Jamal Lewis. .
  19. Dallas Cowboys

    S Louis Delmas, Western Michigan

    Delmas would give the Cowboys something they have lacked for quite a while. A safety with good instincts in coverage.
    • Needs: S, WR, G, LT, NT, ILB
  20. New York Jets - WR Derrick Williams, Penn St
    Desperately needed playmaker. Is Shottenheimer inovative enough to utilize him?
  21. Philadelphia Eagles - TE Jared Cook, South Carolina
    Pass catching TE that can stretch the field.
  22. Minnesota Vikings - WR Louis Murphy, Florida
    Need to add more talent to the core of Bernard Berrian, Bobby Wade and Sidney Rice.
  23. Atlanta Falcons - S Patrick Chung, Oregon
    Eventual (or immediate) replacement for aging Lawyer Milloy
  24. Miami Dolphins - OLB Clint Sintim, Virginia
    Learned from Bill Parcell's disciple Al Groh.
  25. Baltimore Ravens - OT Phil Loadholt, Oklahoma
    Hulking pure RT to compete with the aging Willie Anderson.
  26. New England Patriots - CB/S Sherrod Martin, Troy
    College free safety has skills to play corner. .
  27. Carolina Panthers

    QB/WR/RB Pat White, West Va

    Surprisingly gave Jake Delhomme $20M guaranteed to sign an extension. White provides a possible long term replacement while at the same time immediately adding a new dimension to the offense. If he doesn't have the skills to ever develop into a full time starter at the QB position then so be it. His value in the wildcat and/or in a slash role makes him worth this pick.
    • Needs: DT, WR, DE, CB, QB, G/C
  28. New York Giants - S Rashad Johnson, Alabama
    A free safety to pair with Kenny Phillips.
  29. Indianapolis Colts - DT Sen'Derrick Marks, Auburn
    Penetrating one gap interior lineman fills a huge need.
  30. Tennessee Titans - DE/OLB Lawrence Sidbury, Richmond
    Eventual replacement for Jevon Kearse.
  31. Arizona Cardinals - TE Cornelius Ingram, Miami (Fla)
    A pass catching TE to utilize if Anquan Boldin is moved. .
  32. Pittsburgh Steelers

    DE/DT Fili Moala, USC

    Three year starter. Excellent size with room to grow. Needs to get stronger to hold up at the point of attack in the 3-4. Overall athleticism and skill set would suggest he be drafted higher. Lack of consistency is the issue. Somewhat overhyped which can happen with players from Southern Cal. The cousin of Haloti Ngata.
    • Other Options: G A Levitre, WR L Murphy, CB S Martin, OLB L Sidbury, trade up

Round 3

  1. Detroit Lions - CB DJ Moore, Vanderbilt
    Poor 40 time could actually drop him even further.
  2. St. Louis Rams - CB Donald Washington, Ohio St
    Opposite of DJ Moore. Excellent measurables. Mediocre production.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs - G Duke Robinson, Oklahoma
    Brian Waters wants out.
  4. Seattle Seahawks - RB Shonn Green, Iowa
    Julius Jones is not a feature back.
  5. Dallas Cowboys (from Cle) - WR Mohamed Massaquoi, Georgia
    Need depth after cutting Terrell Owens loose.
  6. Cincinnati Bengals - OLB Marcus Freeman, Ohio St
    Upgrade on Richard Jeanty.
  7. Oakland Raiders - S William Moore, Missouri
    Release of Gibril Wilson leaves Tyvon Branch at SS.
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars - G Andy Levitre, Oregon St
    Need more interior line depth after last year's debacle.
  9. Green Bay Packers - OT Gerald Cadogan, Penn St
    Chad Clifton isn't getting any younger.
  10. San Fransisco 49ers - RB Rashad Jennings, Liberty
    Big back to compliment Frank Gore.
  11. Buffalo Bills - DE Paul Kruger, Utah
    Said to be shopping Chris Kelsay.
  12. New York Jets (from NO) - CB Kevin Barnes, Maryland
    Lito Sheppard is a stopgap opposite Darrelle Revis.
  13. Houston Texans - RB Javon Ringer, Michigan St
    Don't believe Steve Slaton can carry the load by himself.
  14. San Diego Chargers - S Chip Vaughn, Wake Forest
    Looking to replace Clinton Hart.
  15. Denver Broncos - QB Stephen McGee, Texas A&M
    Developmental project for Josh McDaniels.
  16. Washington Redskins - WR Ramses Barden, Cal Poly
    Intriguing small school project because of his size.
  17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - DT Alex Magee, Purdue
    Could be a steal after being miscast as a DE as a senior.
  18. Detroit Lions (from Dal) - OT Troy Kropog, Tulane
    Long term project. Would have to live with Jeff Backus on the left side in short term.
  19. Green Bay Packers (from NYJ) - FS/CB Jarius Byrd, Oregon
    Lack depth in the defensive backfield.
  20. Chicago Bears - C/G Jonathon Luigs, Arkansas
    Interior line depth and eventual replacement for Olin Kreutz.
  21. Philadelphia Eagles - CB Mike Mickens, Cincinnati
    Sheldon Brown has demanded a trade.
  22. Minnesota Vikings - CB Coye Francies, San Jose St
    Trying to find other options to inconsistent Cedric Griffin.
  23. Miami Dolphins - G Kraig Urbik, Wisconson
    Justin Smiley can't stay healthy.
  24. Baltimore Ravens - CB Victor Harris, Va Tech
    Need more help even after signing Samari Rolle, Dominique Foxworth and Chris Carr.
  25. New England Patriots - RB Andre Brown, North Carolina St
    Have to be concerned about Laurence Maroney's injury history.
  26. Atlanta Falcons - DE/OLB Cody Brown, UConn
    Edge rushing tweaner that will need to find a place in the 4-3.
  27. New York Giants - LB Gerald McRath, Southern Miss
    Gerris Wilkinson is better suited as a backup.
  28. Indianapolis Colts - LB Derry Beckwith, LSU
    Slightly undersized defensive leader and playcaller to compete with Gary Brackett.
  29. Carolina Panthers - DE/OLB Thomas Veikune, Hawaii
    High motor pass rusher to provide insurance in case of Julius Peppers trade.
  30. Tennessee Titans - DT Ricky Jean-Francois, LSU
    Loss of Haynesworth leaves a huge hole. Jean-Francois is a boom-or-bust gamble.
  31. Arizona Cardinals - C/G Antoine Caldwell, Alabama
    Need an upgrade on Lyle Sendlein. .
  32. Pittsburgh Steelers

    WR Mike Thomas, Arizona

    Honestly not sure he will last this long on draft day. Only problem is height at just under 5' 8". Incredible speed and quickness. Has a solid build despite short stature. Not afraid to go over the middle. Excels as a return man.
    • Other Options: CB/FS J Byrd, OG T Green, OG TJ Lang, CB M Mickens, CB G Toler
  33. New England Patriots (comp) - TE James Casey, Rice
    Watson is the last year of his deal and Baker is just a stopgap.
  34. Cincinnati Bengals (comp) - RB Glen Coffee, Alabama
    Can't count on Benson or Perry in the long term.
  35. Chicago Bears (comp) - CB Bradley Fletcher, Iowa
    Blossomed as a full time starter as a senior after sharing time earlier in career.
  36. New York Giants (comp) - OT Sebastian Vollmer, Houston
    Huge frame with upside. Overaged.
4 (132) Pittsburgh Steelers

CB/FS Don Carey, Norfolk St

Small school product with good size and athleticism. Tough and a good tackler albiet against a lower level of competition. Also has experience at free safety. Seems like a nice fit in the Steelers scheme. Has been overshadowed a bit by the meteoric rise of fellow small school corner prospect Toler.
  • Other Options: CB J Burnett, TE A Hill, ILB D Levy, TE R Quinn, DL D Scott
5 (168) Pittsburgh Steelers

NT/DE Sammie Lee Hill, Stillman College

A bit taller than your usual Steelers NT project. An amazing physical specimen that played at a low level of competition. Could also move outside as a pure 5-technique defensive end even though he is bigger than DC Dick Lebeau would normally prefer at the position.
  • Other Options: TE D Gronkowski, NT T Knighton, C A Shipley, G L Vasquez
5 (169) Pittsburgh Steelers (comp)

OT Andrew Gardner, Ga Tech

A four year starter with long arms and a huge frame. Smart. A hard worker that needs to get stronger. A player despite a lack of top physical attributes. Offensive line coach Larry Zierline worked him out personally at his pro day.
  • Other Options: QB N Davis, G R Ohrnberger, OLB Z Potter, NT T Taylor
6 (205) Pittsburgh Steelers

RB Frank Summers, UNLV

Frank the Tank is a short, well-built, powerful between the tackles runner that can play HB or FB. He provides more versatility than recently released Gary Russell as a blocker, receiver and in special teams coverage. Steelers RB coach Kirby Wilson helped work him out as his pro day where he measured 5'9", 241 lbs. Summers put up 4.63 and 4.64 40 times, 34.5" vertical jump, 9'4" broad jump, 4.35 short shuttle and 30 bench press reps.
  • Other Options: TE D Drew, G C Lewis, OLB B Long, CB D Johnson
7 (226) Pittsburgh Steelers

CB/KR Ellis Lankster, West Va

JC transfer who was suspended for part of his junior year due to troubles with the law. Won a starting job as a senior and excelled. Agressive, hard hitting. Fluid in coverage. Top return man with experience as a kick blocker. The type of roll of the dice you would expect in the seventh round.
  • Other DE R Harris, CB P Ittersagen, TE B Pascoe, WR T Shelton
7 (241) Pittsburgh Steelers

ILB Spencer Adkins, Miami (Fla)

Interesting practice squad possibility. Good athleticism and well built despite being slightly undersized. Underperformed in the disappointing Miami program. Play indicates he either lacks instincts or was poorly coached. Worth a gamble if only as a special teams contributor.
  • Other Options: Wr J Cherry, FB J Cook, C C Davis, NT M Favorrite
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