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Stillers-Saints Postgame Analysis and Grades

November 01, 2010 by Still Mill

Saints 20, Stillers 10 ��� Oct. 31, 2010
Saints 20,Stillers 10��. Oct 31, 2010 ����Game # 7


Stillers-Saints Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers ventured down to the French Quarter and played like drunkards, pissing away the game in shameful fashion on both sides of the ball.Worse, drunken, assaholic coaching helped steal defeat from victory.��


Due to the late-nite ending of this game, this report will be shorter and more succinct that usual.




QB:Ben had an off game.�� He was tentative, he lollipopped the ball too much, and he was scattershot.17 of 28 for 195 (and a passer rating of 66) ain�t real good against a secondary devastated and completely ravaged by injury.�� A really subpar game effort that needs to be improved upon if this team has any chance of advancing.���C-


RB:Mendy ripped off the nice 38-yard TD run in the 4Q.However, he ran like an upright giraffe on 2 GL attempts in the 2Q.Pitiful.��� He also allowed a screen pass to go thru his hands and it nearly was INT�d.��


Redman converted a 3d & 1 in the 3Q for 5 yards. Moore ripped off a 18-yard run in the 1Q.�� But he foolishly over-blocked on an already-blocked rusher, and missed his blitz pickup on 3d & 7 late in the 2Q, resulting in a sack.�����C+


FB: Redman ripped off a 15-yarder from the FB spot.Johnson blocked NO ONE on the failed 3d & G plunge, but did have a good block to help spring Mendy on the long TD run.����� B


WR: Wally led the way with 3 grabs for 43, including a superb pluck on a slant.�� Ward had 3 grabs for a piss-ant, piddle-fuk 15 yards.�� He dropped a short 3rd down and long pass that would have at least reduced a 51-yard FG attempt by about 5 yards, late in the 2Q.Very piss poor.He had a good block to help Mendy on the TD run.


Randle El wins the �Pansie of the Week� award for his gutless, faggot-fuk RAC on what should have been an EASY 2Q touchdown.�� He snared a lil� slant and had plenty of steam and momentum as he approached the GL.Instead, just like BenRoth last week, El cowered and pussed out, SETTLING for a little pussyfied dive attempt for the GL.�� Sure, he was in, but you don�t settle for the FRONT EDGE of the GL; you BLAST your way 2 yards into the EZ so that there is no doubt.In this case, we got fuked by the replay review and the TD was reversed.


Sanders had a nice pancake block of a DE on a crackback block.He had 1 grab for 21.I�ll repeat it again -- I see no reason why Sanders is not the #3 WR on this sad-sack, sporadic offense.����������� C+��


TE:Spaeth caught 2 dumpoffs, which is a season�s worth for him.�� Miller was literally IGNORED the entire game, when he was finally thrown at pass with 6 minutes left.He had a good RAC, but a jarring hit forced a fumble that N.O. recovered.Very poor.�� He had a good cave-in block on the Mendy TD.��� C


OL: The line struggled like pathetic little bitches.�� Yes, they often were out-numbered by jailhouse blitzes, but overall, it was a ball-sucking effort. Legursky, who is regressing worse and worse each week, got completely stood up on the 3d & G plunge that was stopped.�� A really weak-assed, pile of shit effort.�� Gay Essex totally botched the block on the 1st down GL plunge that lost 1-yard."That was my fault," Steelers guard Gai Essex said. "I didn't do my assignment. I thought we were running a different play."�� What a complete turd.This should warrant the pile of shit being cut first thing Monday morning.It won�t happen, but it should.��


Pouncey had a pretty good game.Kemo missed a blitz block, along with Moore, on 3d & 7 late in the 2Q, forcing a sack.��

The only bright spot from this crew was that the starters drew no flags the entire game.�� (Scott briefly relieved Adams and was promptly flagged for a hold.)C-


DL:A so-so game.�� Hampton had a rare plug and stop on 1st & G in the 3Q.�� But in the 2Q, he was buried onto his fat ass on 4th & short.�� Hoke had a terrific slash and stop on 2d & G in the 3Q.Eason and Hood each had a rare, solid stop.��� This clumsy, bumbling crew batted zero passes against the short-of-stature Brees , which was vastly disappointing. If ya can�t harass the QB -- and of course they didn�t -- then at least get a paw up and try to bat a pass.�� B-


LB:Timmons led the way with 11 solos in a very strong, stellar effort.�� Harrison chipped in with some rugged hits, though he took a foolish roughing the passer penalty late in the game.Farrior, although hardly great, had 1 of his better games in recent memory.��� The real dud was Jason Woodley, who stood around with his thumb up his ass the entire game, doing NOTHING at all.�� NOTHING.�� Despite NEVER leaving the field, he finished with 2 solos, 0 assists, and ZERO pressure on the QB the entire game.��� A total, wretched, worthless pile of shit.��


Jason Worilds, who had such a strong effort last week, was quickly banished to the bench and never saw the field on defense.��


Timmons:A���� Harrison:B+���Farrior: B���� Big LaMarr Woodendick:�� D


DB:Lazy, flat-footed breakdowns killed this crew.�� Ike had a rare INT, and had a solid game.....until midway thru the 4Q, when he fell asleep and allowed the WR to mosey down the sideline while he SAT and read the QB.�� 50 yards later, the receiver was stopped.�� Ike was also tooled by Moore on a deep stop for 18 yards.


McFadd had a good blitz and strip and some good tackling, but on the drive prior, he was totally flat-footed on the Colston TD.�� He simply fell asleep on this play, much the same was as he did 4 weeks ago in the loss to Balt. while defending PJ Housemanad.He was then too slow on the late TD slant to Moore.��


Pola was flagged for a PI in the EZ, and was also shrugged off by Shockey in press coverage on a 3d & 5 that netted 14.�� He did deliver some good licks, but his coverage was spotty.��


Ryan Clark, as usual, did next to nothing, his only decent play coming when he hit Shockey as a pass arrived and busted it up.�� When you have a FS who never, ever breaks up a pass while it�s in the air, you have a pass defense that is ripe for the carving.���


Gay got tooled badly on a 1st & 20 late in the 2Q, allowing a 27 yard gain.��� ����D+�� ��


Spec teams:Sanders had a big 38-yard punt return, and also had a big 42 yard KO return, but he fumbled on that KO return (Redman recovered).��� Sepul had a good 52 yard punt, but also a shitty liner punt that was returned 17 yards.


The Paper Towel Pugilist, Jeff Peed, duck-hooked the living shit out of a 51 yard FG late in the 1H.What a pile of shit.��� It�s in a DOME, with no wetness, no wind, and no mud, and he duck hooks the FG a good 12 feet to the left of the upright.�� Fuk Jeff Reed, who most assuredly will not be back next season.�� He also had a ball sucking KO in the 2H that went all the way to the 10.��� Fuking weak-kneed, weak-legged faggot.��


Sylvester had a big hit on punt coverage.���������� C


OC:Arians had the luxury of facing a secondary RIDDLED by injury, yet as is typical of this living pile of vomit, he was entirely unable to take advantage of ANYTHING the entire nite.�� Instead, he had his head jammed into a toilet bowl by the N.O. defense, who simply blitzed the shit out of the Steelers, and Arians, the complete dolt that he is, was not only surprised and totally unprepared to handle it, but was totally incapable of adjusting.��


In the 2d series, on a 3d & 10, the Saints rushed EIGHT men, yet Arians was totally unprepared for ANY kind of HOT read and his QB got crushed.�� Later, a SEVEN man rush harassed the QB while NO HOT READ existed, anywhere.�� This occurred again and again, and it wasn�t until the FOURTH quarter that Arians, who uses a Crayola crayon to draw out his game plan, finally adjusted.��


Another little buttfucked slant to Moore on 3d down (1st series of game).��� Enough!�� Mewelde Moore is a nice outlet valve.Nothing more.�� Let�s see � we have Miller, Ward, Wally, and Sanders.Moore was also split out WIDE on El�s near TD.WHY??�� Why is Moore suddenly, just like last week, being thrust as the PRIMARY DOWNFIELD receiver?


Heath Miller was literally IGNORED -- never even thrown a pass -- until 6:37 remained in the game.�� How in the living fuking hell does this happen ??��� Of course, much of it is because he�s pass blocking, because, you know, NO ONE else on the entire roster can pass block so that the athletic, 6-5� TE can got out for a pass.The other team is blitzing PELL MELL, and Miller SHOULD be THE #1 option on easy hooks and pop-passes, yet is ignored.�� No wonder he fumbled the ball....he hadn�t touched it since pre-game warm-ups.�� After the game, BenRoth stated, �"Heath Miller is the best tight end in the game."Yes, but he�s treated like a stone-handed clod in the mode of Mark Breuner.


I was also enraged that Wally was never tried on a deep route, especially against a secondary that was playing five SAFETIES due to CBs being injured.�� You�re telling me, especially on a 1st down, that we can�t max protect and take a deep stab to the guy who is leading the NFL in YPC ??�� That�s dumbshit football at its worst.��


I really loved the ingenious cleverness on the 1st & goal series.�� This loser of a series was precisely the same as the similar, fruitless on versus the Colts back in �08 on prime time TV.Ben is a huge QB and is probably your best bet, yet never gets a chance.�� TWO of the runs were WHALESHIT counters that were far too EAST-WEST.�� The FB plunge asked for the WR to solo block a CRASHING DE.Again, this is where your huge, ultra-talented TE can make an EASY play for a TD....except if you�re a complete dumbfuk of an OC like Bruce Arians.�� Fuk Bruce Arians.��� F-

DC:The idiots out there will fawn and adulate, nonstop, about what a great, omnipotent genius Dick LeBeau supposedly is.�� The rest of us that actually KNOW football sit back and sneer at what a complete fuking buffoon the guy is.�� He got assraped by Drew Brees tonite.�� Simply assraped with a plunger handle.No, wait.....assraped with a plunger handle covered by barbed wire.���� Time and time and time again, Dick had the LUXURY of 3rd and LONG, and time and time and time again, he got tooled and carved like a Halloween pumpkin.Cases in point:


3d & 6, 2Q -4-man rush, ALL DAY,easy 13 yard pass


3d & 14, 2Q,��� 5-man rush, ALL DAY, 13-1/2 yards


3d & 9, 3Q, ALL DAY,14 yards


3d & 5, same drive, 4-man rush, easy pitch n� catch to Shockey for 14


�� Plus, there was the 1st & 20 late in the 2Q, which produced a 27-yard gain to set up a late FG just before halftime.��


Here was the KILLER that sealed defeat.�� The Saints faced a 3d & 8 at the PIT 18 with 3:26 remaining.�� The Stillers had only 2 timeouts.�� A 1st down here all but ENDS the game.��� You simply have to make a stop here.�� What does The FAGGOTT FRENCHMAN, Lick LeBeau, call for ?��� A pussified, faggot-fuk THREE MAN rush !!�� Yes, a 3-man rush!�� Brees has ALL DAY and is totally unfettered.Worse, when Brees dumps it off short in the middle of the field to Moore, there�s not a defender within SIX yards of the guy, and he easily ambles forward for a 10 yard gain.�� GAME OVER right there.The Saints tacked on a fairly unnecessary TD the following play, but given the time and the TOs remaining, THAT was the game, right there.�� ��Fuk Dick LeBeau.���


Brees finished 20 of 22 (yes, that�s not a typo) in the 2nd half for 191 yards in a pumpkin carving of epic proportions on national TV.��� Fuk Dik LeBeau and the bullshit, horseshit �genius� label that is just like Dick�s defense -- all hot air and no substance.��� There�s already a lot of blaming going on regarding Heath Miller and his fumble.�� We have no idea if the Stillers would have sustained that march, or if Reed would have choked, once again, on a FG.PLUS, even if we�d scored, the Saints still would have gotten the ball back and CARVED UP Dick�s Softee D once again.This defense is wheezing and sucking very bad and very fast; bullshit statistics be damned.F-


HC:Tomlin had what is becoming the norm for him -- a game of befuddled confusion and very bizarre decisions.�� He wasted a TO in the 1Q on challenging a fumble by a downed N.O punt returner that was obvious to any sane person to be �ground cannot cause a fumble�.�� A totally dumbshit challenge.He challenged that, yet failed to challenge the Mendy 2nd down GL plunge that appeared to be a TD in the 2Q.�� It�s a play worth SEVEN points, yet Tomlin, the dumbfuck, refused to challenge it ?!!��� What a complete assfuk !!�� Here�s what Tomlin said after the game:When you're on the road, you don't get [good] looks on replay," he explained.Absolute, total bullshit, coming from a guy whose head is apparently filled with excrement or air, but little brain matter.

Then there was the complete, stupidfuk decision to go for it on 4th & 4 on the N.O. 41 in the 3Q.�� The offense hadn�t done jack shit and was wallowing in bumbling ineptitude and sloth.�� At this point, you boot a pooch punt and hope to pin the Aints near their GL, and either force a turnover or at least a punt in order to flip the field, or perhaps the punt returner muffs the punt.No, not dumfuk Tomlin.�� The 4th down play was a weak-assed incompletion, and the Saints took the golden FP and easily marched against Dick�s Softee Defense for an easy, methodical 10 play FG drive to make the score 13-3 and all but end the game.Said Tomlin on this dumfuk decision:I thought our team needed that at that point," Tomlin said of his decision to go for it. "I thought it would be a shot in the arm for our group."No, the only thing the team, and its head coach needed, was a kick in the ass, not a shot in the arm.


It�s high time Tomlin start holding drills where offensive players BLAST their way into the EZ -- some 2 yards DEEP -- for a TD.�� This pussyfooting and settling for cheesy little dives that BARELY cross the plane is getting old and tiresome.�� Stop the bullshit drama and start showing some toughness.Pussy football produces losses.�� F��


Officiating.��� I don�t often rant about officials, but I am again forced to, due to outrageous incompetence and inconsistencies.�� Randle El�s RAC in the 2Q was RULED a TOUCHDOWN.��� The Aints challenged it.�� The ref came back onto the field and announced (and I quote):��The ruling on the field is confirmed....that the runner was short...did not score.�� Ball is placed on the 6-inch line...����� The ruling on the field was a TOUCHDOWN !!�� What a stupid assfuk !�� The ref was SUPPOSED to determine if there was CONVINCING evidence to OVER-TURN the ruling of �Touchdown� on the field.�� We have no idea if the ref, while under the hood, was trying to confirm the TD, or if he was trying to confirm the �he was down before a TD�.�� The NFL will, of course, COVER UP this incompetence by issuing a statement that �the ref MEANT to say the ruling on the field was a TD but it is overturned�....but that�s NOT what the dumb MF�er said.��


Then there was the OPI call on Hines Ward, as he was running FULL SPEED on a seam route and there was INCIDENTAL, MUTUAL hand-checking going on.�� I thought the OPI call on Seattle�s Darrell Jackson in Sup Bowl 40 was THE WORST call ever.....until now.�� This one was even worse.�� This is a play that is called, AT MOST, maybe ONCE every 3,800 pass plays in the NFL.�� A total chickenshit, phantom call that was pulled out of the ass of a blind referee.���� D-.��


Synopsis:This loss reminds me of the asswhipping to the Eagles in 2008.Totally manhandled by the opposing front 7, and playing a step slow all over the field.An opportunity to seize a road win is pissed away with reprehensible coaching and slothful play.�� And the climb only gets steeper, as the Stiller must now venture to Cinci -- a team they lost to TWICE last season -- and then they host New England.�� Cinci lost earlier on Sunday and will be seething mad as they take on the Stillers in what is, to the Bungals, their Super Bowl.�� And what will Brady do in the 2nd half of that tilt on Nov. 14th....?��� 32 of 34 ?��� 36 of 39?Goodness fuking gracious.��� I shudder to think about it.Like last year�s team at mid-season, this season could spiral downward, and fast, if things are not rectified.��



(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close�.)




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