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Best Bet Plus Two (week 7)

October 21, 2009 by Steel Haven

Consecutive best bet wins taking the opponent of the Titans. Like taking candy from a baby. A baby that has quit on his head coach and no longer gives a crap. Consecutive losses with the Jets as Rex Ryan and Dirty Sanchez are exposed. I'm off the bandwagon. The Jets actually dominated the Bills on the ground and knocked Trent Edwards out of the game. Thomas Jones rushed for over 200 yards and Leon Washington fell a solitary yard short of hitting the century mark. Yet Brian Shottenheimer continued to allow Dirty Sanchez to throw the ball to opponents. Hard to win when throwing 5 interceptions. A Shottenheimer loses by not being conservative enough. Oh, the humanity..... My third game was a ho-hum affair in which the Seahawks reverted to form. Really lousy form. By the way, what's up with the Cards run defense? They lead the league allowing 59.6 yards per game and are ahead of the second place Steelers by a whopping 14.9 yards per game.

Unfortunately this week the Titans are on a bye. Bring on the Browns. Actually the dregs of the league rose up a bit last week. The Rams and Browns covered. The Raiders and Chiefs won outright. Enough already. What are these teams trying to do? Make my life difficult. I'm back on all road teams this week after splitting with a couple of home teams last week. I guess I love those extra 3 points I get on average with the road team. Maybe a little too much.

home team in bold

Best Bet

Green Bay Packers (-7) over Cleveland Browns

The Browns have actually hung tough the last two weeks winning outright and then covering in Pittsburgh. The Packers meanwhile are in the midst of the daily double just enjoyed by the Steelers of back-to-back games against the Lions and Browns. The Packers defense might not be good enough to keep them competative against elite opponents, but unlike the Steelers they have shown a killer instinct against really bad teams. At least against the Rams and Lions. The Browns receivers never met a pass they didn't want to drop. Derek Anderson has completed 11 passes in the past 2 weeks combined. To contain Josh Cribbs is to shut down the Browns. I think the Packers are up to the task.


Atlanta Falcons (+4) over Dallas Cowboys

I thought this was a misprint. I don't care where this game is being played. The Falcons are good. They have perhaps the best offensive skill position talent in the NFC. Matt Ryan makes quick decisions and rarely takes a sack. In fact he has not been sacked since the opener. The Cowboys..... Meh. The story for them is the gaudy monument to greed and opulence built by Jerry Jones. No one actually cares about the on the field product anymore.

San Diego Chargers (-4.5) over Kansas City Chiefs

I was torn on this pick. The Colts giving up 13 in St. Louis tempted me. Peyton Manning coming off a bye is libel to go all Belichick on the Rams without really trying. I was a little surprised that I could get points with the Bears coming off a tough road loss to the Falcons in Cincinnati after the Bengals showed their true colors at home against the Texans. I think the Bears will win outright. In the end I'll do the stupid thing and take the road favorite coming off an embarrassing Monday night loss in a divisional matchup. I tried to talk myself out of picking this game. What can a poor boy do? The Chiefs dumped gatorade on their coach after squeeking by the pitiful Redskins. They unlike the Titans, Bucs and Rams no longer have any chance to go winless. The relief is palpable. The sense of accomplishment strong. Time for a letdown. The Chargers are off to their prerequisite slow start. They have fallen 3.5 games behind in a division they were supposed to win easily. But what the hell. Last year they were behind by 3 with 3 to play and made up the difference. I do worry this may be too early to start picking the Chargers. Plus with Norv Turner there is always the chance the Chargers will screw something up and allow the Chiefs a backdoor cover. What can you do indeed....

Last week

New England Patriots (-9.5) over Tennessee Titans WIN

New York Jets (-9.5) over Buffalo Bills LOSS

Arizona Cardinals (+3) over Seattle Seahawks WIN

Record to date: 12-6   Best bets: 3-3
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