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Best Bet Extra (Divisional Playoff Round)

January 13, 2010 by Steel Haven

Saved at the bell. The Cardinals fumble recovery in overtime after they blew a 17 point first quarter lead in the final playoff game of the weekend kept me from going winless. The other games were not that close. The Bengals were barely competitive against the Jets. The Patriots and Eagles were not competitive. Sort of heartwarming to watch Patriots fans booing Tom Brady. If only it wasn't against the Ravens.

After making my picks this week I realized that I had bet on the only team that won for me last week and against every team that beat me last week. Repeating history is my way. Learning from my mistakes, not my forte.

home team in bold

AFC Divisional Round

Indianapolis Colts (-6.5) over Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens obliterated the Patriots handing them their first home playoff loss in 30 years. Should we expect a repeat? I don't even though the signs sort of point toward the possibility. The Colts have repeatedly failed after clinching early and resting players. The fans are going to be very restless should they get behind early. Much like the Patriots fans. But I expect Peyton Manning to be firing on all cylinders unlike Brady last week. The Colts have won their last seven in a row against the Ravens and match up well. Joe Flacco is bothered by a sore hip and threw only ten passes against the Patriots. Seems like too much to overcome for the Ravens.

San Diego Chargers (-7) over New York Jets

A rookie QB in a road playoff game isn't appealing. Of course it wasn't appealing last week. At least the Chargers have managed to win a playoff game since January 6, 1991 unlike the Bengals. I know that really isn't relevant. Just wanted to take a swipe at the Bengals. The rules are stacked against the Jets top ranked defense. The NFL wants points. The Chargers averaged 28.4 points per game in the regular season. Fourth in the league. First in the AFC. They will be tough to contain at home. I'm not even sure a perfect game like last week from Dirty Sanchez will be enough. Mistakes from the QB position would really doom the Jets.

NFC Divisional Round

Arizona Cardinals (+7) over New Orleans Saints

Will the Cardinals actually beat the Saints? Not sure. Can Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald keep the score within a touchdown? Yes. Definitely yes.

Minnesota Vikings (-2.5) over Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas bandwagon is crowded. They have won four straight with Wade Phillips and Tony Romo finally proving they can win a playoff game. The Vikings lost three of five down the stretch and could have blown the bye without help from the Cowboys in the last week. They did seem to right the ship in the finale against the Giants at home. Brett Favre has yet to lose a home game in a Vikings uniform. So I will stay off the bandwagon to make the contrarian pick on a home favorite. Not sure if that last sentence makes any sense, but it sure seems true. Of course the possibility of a Favre and/or Purple Jesus turnover-fest does give me pause.

Last week

Cincinnati Bengals (-3) over New York Jets LOSS

New England Patriots (-3.5) over Baltimore Ravens LOSS

Philadelphia Eagles (+4) over Dallas Cowboys LOSS

Arizona Cardinals (-2.5) over Green Bay Packers WIN

Playoff record: 1-3   Final regular season record: 27-24   Best bets: 9-8
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