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Stillers-Raidas Postgame Analysis and Grades

December 25, 2022 by Still Mill

Stillers 13, Raidas 10  ...... Dec 24, 2022 …………Game # 15


Stillers-Raidas Postgame Analysis and Grades


The 6-8 Stillers hosted the 6-8 Vegas Raidas in subfreezing weather amid the 50th anniversary celebration of the Immaculate Reception.   It was 10-3 Vegas at the half.   The Stillers sputtered around most of the 2H, but Pickett led the charge for a late GW TD.   




QB:   KP got the start.   Rotten INT, 3Q, amid pressure from the rush.  A foolish, forced pass.  Very solid GW TD drive, showing poise and coolness.    Tough, frozen conditions to throw the ball, which factor into the grade.    B-



Harris  –  so-so game.   Nice vault over a DB in the 2H.   Had a couple decent RACs.   Thought he left some yardage on the table.      Turned a 2 yard loss into a 7 yard gain, 3Q.   Imitated a clown late in the game, turning an easy swing pass grab into a bobbled catch that was made with his LEGS, but in the act he fell to the grass AND lost 2 yards.  The fact that the ball was grabbed would mean the clock would continue running and the time out needing to be used, but a replay ruled the ball had touched the ground.   Not a good looking play at’all.     C+


Warren –   got injured in the 2H.   Had a few decent carries, and 1 grab for 7.


Snell –   no PT on O.


FB:    Watt played only a few bit plays.   Got stoned on 3d & 1, thanks to Jach Gentry getting whipped on his feeble block attempt. 



Dionte –  had 5 grabs for 64.  Allowed a 3Q pass to go thru his hands.  He’s closing in on a season with zero TDs, which would be utterly perplexing.      B-


Boykin – no PT on O.


Pickens –  good grab of a slant to move the chains, 2Q.   Stellar grab near the sidelines, 3Q, and had some RAC for a 25 yard gain.  Good grab for the GW TD.   THROW THIS FELLOW THE G-damned BALL !       A-


Sims – had 1 grab. 


GunnerO – Thankfully, not targeted on O. 



Pat FryBoy –  allowed a decent pass to CLANG off his hands, on 3rd down, in the 2Q.  Nearly bobbled a fairly easy catch on the GW drive.  Had a decent game.    B


Gentry – got ass-whipped on a 3d & 1 plunge, 2Q, causing a no gain.   Just pissed me off beyond all belief.    D-


Con Heyward – nice jet sweep near game’s end to salt away the clock. 


OL:  Overall, the line (Moore, Dotson, Cole, Daniels, Okorafor ) had a moderately okay game.  The holes were often hard to find in the running game.   The pass pro allowed more leakage than you’d like.  Dotson was flagged for a silly hold on a running play, early 4Q. 




Heyward –  bullrushed his man and got a sack, 1st series.  Stunning !   Batted a 3rd down pass, 2d series.  Knifed in to help stop the RB for a 4 yard loss, 2Q.  Nabbed a RB for no gain, 3:50 4Q.   Had a rare, effective game.   Scam Heyward will act all vaunted and mug for photos after this one ......where was this waddling fat-ass when the ball was being jammed down their throats in the loss to Balt?   Or the losses to Cleve, NYJ, NE, Philly, and Buff  ???     Where was that scammer then  ??      A


Ogunjobi –  chipped in fairly well.    B+


Adams – also surprised me by chipping in.   B


Alu Alu – actually did a few adequate things.   


Wormley – out for rest of season. 



Bush – Did pretty much nothing all game long.  Finished with (hold your laughter, please) ONE solo the entire game.   Ain’t nowhere good enough.    D-


Jack – Didn’t do much, either.  Completely took himself out of a routine ground play, first series, allowing a 12 yard run.   Literally was held OFF the scoresheet.   Unreal.     F 


Watt – batted a pass, mid 3Q.  Slashed in and dropped the RB for a 3 yard loss, 3Q.  Didn’t do all that much, given his fatty salary.    C 


Highsmith – on the final play of the 3Q, Al Highsmith FINALLY gets on the stat sheet, getting a Dong Sack when he looped inside & came in UNBLOCKED and UNTOUCHED for the sack.  This was his ONLY tackle of any sort, in a game where Vegas ran 49 plays.    D


Spillane – dropped a RB for NG, 1st series.   Flailed and whiffed on a dumpoff to Adams, 2Q, turning a no gain into a 12 yard gainer.   Hit a TE after a short grab too HIGH, and turned a 5 yard gain into 9 yards.  Chipped in with some run stoppage.     B-



Wallace – played ok.   Got abused by Renfrow on a key 3d & 7, late 3Q.     B-


Cam Sutton -   Failed to bat away the pass on the opening drive, which resulted in a TD for Vegas.  Big INT, final  drive by Vegas.     B


Norwood – little PT.  Got jock-juked by Renfrow on the opening TD, despite having the sideline chalk to help.  Very poor.     D


Edmunds – did no dress, due to injury.  Still, he managed to draw a 15-yard penalty, going out onto the field like a total jackazz amid the INT celebration.   What a tool.    I’d bench this sorry azz the final 2 games.    F


Minkah -  got abused by Waller for a 34 yard deep ball, late 2Q.  Snagged an INT, 3Q, after a pass clanged off a receiver’s hands.   B


Pierre – played here and there.   Was beaten by Devonte on a couple of plays, but the passes were off target. 


Kayzee –   chipped in here and there.  


Maulet – played here and there.   Got a Dong INT when a pass clanged off the hands of the TE, 3Q. 


Spec teams:  

Harvin –   didn’t punt like ass like he usually does.    B


Boswell – hooked a 43 yard FG, early 2Q.  Booted a 44 yard FG, 2Q.  Duckhooked a 52 yard FG, mid 3Q.  Booted a 40 yard FG, 4Q.     C- 


Sims –   nothing special, but at least he didn’t fumble.  


OC:  Matt Canada oversaw a very bland, drab offense that specialized in passes being completed within inches of the line of scrimmage, 


First series, 5 of 6 plays – passes!   Despite frigid cold and snow flurries, and real-feel of minus-5 degrees.


2nd series - 3d & 2 ....and Canada orders a toss sweep to Warren.  Loss of 2, and then a missed FG.  Brilliant!  


3d & 9 at Vegas 22, down by 7 in the 4Q ....and Canada orders a TWO fuking yard pass to Pickens, which of course gains TWO yards.    It's chicksnhoit playcalling by a chickenshoit Off Coord.


The GW drive was nice, but it shouldn’t take 58 minutes to get this done.   And 39 passes in a game in these conditions was entirely asinine.   D- 



Opening drive, 14 plays, 72 yards, TD…including an easy conversion on 3d & 16 and a TD pass on 3d & 7.  This is what Austin does with the NFL’s highest paid defense, facing a warm weather team coming into a frozen stadium. 


Sure, the D stiffened, although much of this was via poor passing by Carr, who appeared to get more bothered by the freezing cold as the game wore on.       B- 


HC:  Mike Asslin will be all proud of this slopfest.    The boneheaded penalties continued, as did the needless wasting of timeouts.  Both the 2nd and 3rd PIT timeouts in the 2H were completely unnecessary given the situations.   No team fritters away time, and timeouts, more than Mike Asslin's crew.     B


Synopsis:  A so-so effort against a mediocre, warm weather team.  Frankly, with such an outrageous home field advantage, I expected much, much more than this. 


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