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A look at how the current roster entered the NFL

September 05, 2001 by Steel Hammer

1st Round: Jerome Bettis, Mark Bruener, Plaxico Burress, Troy Edwards, Alan Faneca,

All the hype surrounding cut down day got me thinking about whether or not the debate about which virtual unknown is kept and which is cast aside was really relevant to the future of our favorite team. While a full 81.1% of the current Steelers were drafted into the league by some team, it was a little surprising to find that players currently on the Steelers roster were more likely to have entered the NFL as an undrafted rookie than to have entered the league as a draft pick in any other single round of the draft except the first round. It breaks down like this:


11 First Round Picks =20.8%

10 UndraftedPlayers = 18.9%

8�� Fifth Round Picks= 15%

7�� Third Round Picks = 13.2%

6�� Sixth Round Picks =11.3%

5�� Second Round Picks = 9.4%

4�� Fourth Round Picks�� = 7.5%

1�� Seventh Round Picks = 1.9%

1�� Eighth + Round Picks= 1.9%


The fact that we have eleven number one picks on the roster was rather impressive sounding. It would appear undrafted players play an important role on the Steelers roster and that practice squads and participation in other leagues have also had an impact on the Steelers roster. The numbers are broken down below.



1st Round: Jerome Bettis (Rams),Mark Bruener, Plaxico Burress,

���������� ���� Troy Edwards, Alan Faneca, Wayne Gandy (Rams),

���� Jeff Hartings (Lions), Tommy Maddox (Denver),

���� Chad Scott, Dewayne Washington (Vikes),

���� Casey Hampton, = 11 or 20.8%


2nd Round: Will Blackwell, Mike Logan (Jax), Marvel Smith,

����� Kordell Stewart, Kendrell Bell, = 5 or 9.4%


3rd Round: Kendrick Clancy, Jason Gildon, Joey Porter, Hank Poteat,

����� Hines Ward, Jon Witman, Amos Zereoue, = 7 or 13.2%


4th Round: Earl Holmes, Aaron Smith, Deshea Townsend,

���� Mathias Nkwenti, = 4 or 7.5%


5th Round: Myron Bell, Lee Flowers, Clark Haggans, Tee Martin,

���������� ���� Oliver Ross (Dallas), Jason Simmons, Jermane Tuman,

���� Chukky Okobi, = 8 or15%


6th Round: Chris Combs, John Fiala (Miami) ,Chris Fuamatu-Ma�afala,

����� Bobby Shaw (Seattle), Kimo von Oelhoffen (Bengals),

����� Rodney Bailey, = 6 or 11.3%


7th Round: Kris Brown,= 1 or 1.9%


8th Round +: Roger Duffy (Jets 8th), = 1 or 1.9%


Undrafted: Brent Alexander, Matt Cushing, Mike Jones, Dan Krieder,

����� Josh Miller, Mike Schneck, Rich Tylski, Chris Hoke,

����� Justin Kurpeikis, Kendrick Vincent,= 10 or 18.9%



Time on a practice squad: John Fiala (Pitt. 1997),

����� Oliver Ross (Eagles 1999, Pitt. 2000),

����������������������� ����������� ����� Bobby Shaw (Seattle 1999),

����� Rich Tylski (N.E 1994, Jax 1995),

����� = 4 players or 7.5 %


Time in another League: Matt Cushing (NFL Europe 1999),

��������������������������������������� Mike Jones (World League1992),

��� Tommy Maddox (XFL 2001, Arena League 2000),

��� Josh Miller (Canadian League 1995, 1994),

��� Oliver Ross (NFL Europe 2000), = 5 or 9.4%

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