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Stillers-Jags Outlook

December 02, 1999 by Still Mill


Stillers-Jags Outlook

The drama in this game isn't if we win or lose, but how Mike Prozac does at QB and what Stewart does as a WR or a "Slash".

Because it's on national TV, FGB will have his boys fired up. Bill has trouble motivating his team for "regular" games, but because he's so full of himself, FGB does a solid job of motivating his boys when his mug & jaw will be on national TV.

The Jags running game concerns me a lot. I cannot fathom that Coughlin and his staff have not seen the GAPING holes up RT and LT, created by softee play by our OLBs. They surely saw this on the films of our past 2 games, and they'd be fools to not exploit this.

The Jags have expanded their passing game a lot, ever since their weak 6-3 win over Baltimore. If Travis Davis is in the lineup, look for some deep routes to test him, as well as lots of picking on Townsend.

On offense, we supposedly will be incorporating Stewart into the lineup, but the magnitude is unknown. Remember, this is a coaching staff that has used Hines Ward to throw just ONE pass in 27 games. Close-to-the-vest FGB (field Goal Bill) might allow some freewheeling; he might not.

Regardless, Dom Capers will unleash his blitzing attack on the boneheaded Prozac. Sure, Tomwhack looked somewhat capable last week, but that was against the 12th worst pass defense in the AFC, and they were playing soft, prevent-like defense with a fatty lead. Capers knows Tomsmack from his days on Pgh, and Capers knows that a pressured Prozac is prone to a plethora of pitiful, putrid blunders. Look for at least 2 hideous wobblers to no one in particular tonite, which should be INTd unless the defender is just out of reach, etc.

If Disney scripted this game, the Stillers would fight hard and eke out a narrow win. Yes, I expect the team to fight hard and keep it close. But the Jags, with superior coaching that will exploit our weaknesses and superior players that will make Prozac look like the incompetent oaf that he is, will prevail, 26-16.

The Still Mill

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