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Why the Stillers Defense is Good, but not Great…

November 17, 2008 by Guest

Why the Stillers Defense is Good, but not Great�

Why the Stillers Defense is Good, but not Great�

In the two years under Mike Tomlin, the local and national media has fawned over the defense and Coach LeBeau.The defense was rated # 1 in 2007 and is on pace for the same designation this year.

So, how is it possible to hypothesize that the Stiller�s defense is not great?It is simple - great defenses rise to the occasion when they are needed most.As you can see from the list below, the Stillers defense has crumbled when needed to close out close games.Since Mike Tomlin took over as head coach, the defense has allowed opposing offenses to win the game late in the fourth quarter six times in twenty seven regular season games.This past week against San Diego, the defense was bailed out by the offense or the number would have been seven.Quarterbacks are praised for the game winning drives in the fourth quarter.Defenses should be scrutinized for giving up these drives which the Stillers have done many times in the past two years.

The past two weeks are prime examples.Take Indianapolis, for example.While I admit, the defense was put in a bad position with the turnovers, they did not rise to the occasion and hold the Colts to a FG.Had they done that on either half ending drive, the game would probably have gone to OT, or best case scenario, we would have been driving for the winning FG at the end of the game instead of a touchdown.

This past week against San Diego is another prime example.At the start of the fourth quarter, the Stiller�s were leading 8-7 and the defense responded by allowing a 78 yard drive that consumed 7:34 of clock.Were it not for the offense driving for the winning FG, this game would have been a complete fiasco.

What is the reason � scheme, over confidence, lack of conditioning?I do not know.Let�s just hope the coaches read and realize this problem and find a way to correct it.

2008 (3 times in 10 games)

10/26/2008������� NY Giants�������������������� Loss - 21-14

1.       4Q � Game tied, allowed 53 yard touchdown drive with 6:44 to play


11/9/2008��������� Indianapolis���� ����������� Loss - 24-20

1.       2Q � Winning 17-7, allowed 30 yard touchdown drive with 1:24 to play

2.       4Q � Winning 21-17, allowed 32 yard touchdown drive with 4:44 to play


11/16/2008������� San Diego������������������� Win - 11-10

1.       4Q � Winning 8-7, allowed 78 yard touchdown drive with 14:15 to play that took 7:34.The offense bailed them out by driving for a winning field goal.


2007 (4 times in 17 games)

10/21/2007������� Denver ����������������������� Loss � 31-28

1.       4Q � Game Tied 28-28, allowed 49 yard drive for FG with 1:10 to play


11/18/2007������� NY Jets����������������������� Loss � 19-16 OT

1.       4Q � Winning 16-13, allowed 76 yard FG drive to tie game with 2:23 to play


12/16/2007������� Jacksonville���������������� Loss � 29-22

1.       4Q � Tied 22-22, allowed 73 yard TD drive with 5:41 to play


1/5/2007����������� Jacksonville (Playoffs) Loss � 31-29

1.       4Q � Winning 29-28, allowed 49 yard FG drive with 2:38 to play


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