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Power Rankings (week 5)

October 07, 2009 by Steel Haven

1.1.New York Giants4-0Even if planter fasciitis sidelines Manning for a week (which at this point doesn't seem likely) it shouldn't matter with the Raiders coming to town.
2.2.New Orleans Saints4-0Sharper moved into second all-time in career interceptions returned for TDs only 2 behind Hall of Famer Woodson. He already has 5 interceptions this season.
3.4.Indianapolis Colts4-0Manning joined Warner and Young as the only QBs in history to open a season with 4 straight 300 yard games.
4.5.Minnesota Vikings4-0Favre got his revenge on Thompson and McCarthy with the aid of Allen's 4.5 sacks, forced fumble and safety.
5.7.New England Patriots3-1Escaped with Brady doing enough to take advantage of the Ravens struggling secondary.
6.3.Baltimore Ravens3-1Spent the post game whining about calls when the real problem was Clayton's drop of a late 4th down conversion.
7.13.Denver Broncos4-0Perhaps McDaniels knew what he was doing in the off season after all. Special thanks to Marshall for winning my fantasy league game in addition to this game.
8.8.Atlanta Falcons2-1Need to improve the 25th ranked run defense.
9.6.New York Jets3-1Defense gave up less points than Sanchez against the Saints. Trading for Edwards gives Sanchez a legitimate weapon if Edwards can keep his head on straight.
10.10.Philadelphia Eagles2-1A rare team that had to appreciate the early bye with McNabb and Westbrook nursing injuries.
11.11.Chicago Bears3-1Forte's return to form is a good sign even if it was only against the Lions.
12.14.San Fransisco 49ers3-1Finally add Crabtree to the mix. He probably won't really help all that much until next season.
13.15.Cincinnati Bengals3-1Escaped a trap game with a victory when Palmer convinced Lewis to go for it on 4th and 11 in the final minutes of overtime and converted with a 15 yard run en route to a game winning field goal.
14.17.Pittsburgh Steelers2-2Withstood the now seemingly obligitory second half defensive collapse (admittedly the struggles were assisted by horrendous special teams play) by scoring touchdowns in the first half and on the first drive of the second half instead of stalling in the red zone.
15.9.San Diego Chargers2-2Loss of Williams in the middle has devastated the run defense.
16.12.Dallas Cowboys2-2Romo failed to throw touchdown passes in consecutive games for the first time in his career as a starter.
17.16.Green Bay Packers2-2Couldn't protect Rodgers or pressure Favre. New defensive scheme does not appear to be enough to correct all of last season's woes. In fact standing up their best pass rusher Kampman and sometimes dropping him into coverage has perhaps made things worse.
18.18.Arizona Cardinals1-2Lack of big plays a concern for the offense.
19.19.Jacksonville Jaguars2-2Garrard met the challenge when the Titans tried to take away MJD.
20.20.Houston Texans2-2Facing the Raiders is a great way for any defense to get on track.
21.22.Miami Dolphins1-3Brown and Williams make Henne's job much easier.
22.27.Washington Redskins2-2Saved Zorn for at least another week even though Lewis was brought in as an offensive consultant.
23.21.Tennessee Titans0-4Resigning of Collins is looking almost as bad as resigning of Delhomme. Starting 0-6 is a distinct possibility with the Colts and Patriots next on the schedule.
24.23.Buffalo Bills1-3Edwards was sacked 7 times and pressured into 3 interceptions as his offensive line continued to crumble around him.
25.26.Carolina Panthers0-3Hoping Delhomme can get his head together during the bye week because they have left themselves with no other legitimate option at QB.
26.25.Seattle Seahawks1-3Likely going nowhere whether Hasselbeck is on the field or not.
27.24.Detriot Lions1-3Stafford's knee injury was not serious which is more important at this point than a win or loss.
28.32.Cleveland Browns0-4Dealing Edwards on the final year of his contract is addition by subtraction given his relationship (or lack thereof) with Mangini. Getting Stuckey, Trusnick and 2 picks in return is gravy.
29.29.Tampa Bay Buccaneers0-4Couldn't finish after jumping out to a 10 point lead behind Johnson in his first start.
30.28.Oakland Raiders1-3Rumors are swirling that Cable could be arrested and perhaps suspended for his training camp altercation with former assistant Hanson.
31.30.Kansas City Chiefs0-4Cassel has actually been OK with an 82.5 passer rating and 5 TDs in 3 games. The rest of the team is a disaster.
32.31.St. Louis Rams0-4Any thought that they might get a lift from Boller after the second half against the Packers was quickly put to rest by the Niners defense.

*Last week's ranking
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