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Power Rankings (week 5)

October 06, 2010 by Steel Haven

1.8.Baltimore Ravens3-1There is no clear cut top team. Should be a very interesting year.
2.1.Pittsburgh Steelers3-1Loss was eerily similar to last year's fourth quarter debacles. Decision to turtle on offense after big fourth down stop by the defense in the fourth quarter at the 3 and Fox's penalty on the ensuing punt to give the Ravens only 40 yards to pay dirt basically made the loss a fiat accompli. McFadden biting on an up and out with Polamalu blitzing was the nail in the coffin. A 3-1 record without Roethlisberger seemed like a best case scenario before the season. It's a disappointment after the first 238 or so minutes of the season.
3.9.New York Jets3-1Already won 3 games in their division after only winning 2 all of last season.
4.3.Atlanta Falcons3-1Hustle of White and Dahl to respectively knock the ball out of the hands of Clements and recover the fumble after what should have been a game ending interception resulted in Bryant's last second field goal. The only time the Falcons led all day.
5.4.New Orleans Saints3-1Lucky to have 3 wins. Probably lucky to have more than 1 win. Something seems wrong.
6.6.Green Bay Packers3-1Shouldn't have been so close in Lambeau against the Lions.
7.10.Houston Texans3-1Kubiak needs to have more of a killer instinct. He still worries me although their talent level may finally get them over the hump.
8.11.New England Patriots3-1Trading Moss is addition by subtraction in the clubhouse, definitely not on the field.
9.19.San Diego Chargers2-2Remain an enigma under Turner.
10.2.Indianapolis Colts2-2Always have trouble in Jacksonville.
11.21.New York Giants2-2Totaled 9 sacks in the first half and 10 total despite probable loss of Kiwanuka for the season the previous week. Some of that is to their credit and some is because of Martz's play calling and Cutler's lack of awareness.
12.5.Chicago Bears3-1Martz's scheme and shaky offensive line got Cutler sacked 9 times in the first half and knocked out with a concussion.
13.7.Cincinnati Bengals2-2Breakout for TO and Palmer comes in a surprising loss to in state rivals.
14.14.Dallas Cowboys1-2Won at least 3 straight games after the bye in all of Phillips's seasons at the helm.
15.15.Kansas City Chiefs3-0The last undefeated thanks in part to the bye.
16.17.Minnesota Vikings1-2Favre finally gets his wish to play with Moss.
17.24.Denver Broncos2-2Orton is responsible for 87.9% of their total offense, tops in the NFL.
18.12.Tennessee Titans2-2Unwillingness to take the shackles of VY gives them little margin for error even with Johnson.
19.23.Washington Redskins2-2McNabb has to be happy about winning in Philadelphia despite the ugly stat line.
20.13.Philadelphia Eagles2-2Back to Kolb. The redemption of Vick through on the field performance has hit the inevitable snag due to injury.
21.16.Miami Dolphins2-2Fired special teams coach Bonamego less than 12 hours after epic Monday night meltdown.
22.22.Tampa Bay Buccaneers2-1Steelers game gave them a lot to work on over the bye.
23.26.St. Louis Rams2-2First back-to-back wins since the sixth game of 2008 under interim coach Jim Haslett.
24.18.Seattle Seahawks2-2Lynch as the starter, Forsett as the change of pace backup and Washington as the third down back gives them a formidable stable of runners. Jones will not be missed.
25.20.Arizona Cardinals2-2Could Whisenhunt find himself on the hot seat because of the QB debacle? Anderson was intercepted twice and looked awful. Undrafted rookie free agent Hall appears to be in way over his head. Whisenhunt never warmed to Leinart, but it is hard to argue after spending a first rounder on him that they shouldn't have at least given him a legitimate chance when the games counted.
26.27.Jacksonville Jaguars2-2Did Scobee's 59 yard game winner save their season?
27.31.Cleveland Browns1-3Champions of Ohio. Not that anyone outside of Ohio particularly cares.
28.25.San Fransisco 49ers0-4Firing Raye predictably didn't help the offense.
29.28.Oakland Raiders1-3Fell short against the Texans even though the gritty Gradkowski got them back in the game. Have the talent to surprise every once in a while, but poor coaching makes every game an uphill battle.
30.29.Carolina Panthers0-4Played the Saints tough to no avail.
31.30.Detriot Lions0-4Dropped to 8-66 on the road since 2001.
32.32.Buffalo Bills0-4Deal of Lynch won't make much difference on the field with Jackson and Spiller to share the load. Still not sure why they spent their first rounder on a luxury item like Spiller with so many other needs.

*Last week's ranking
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