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'Twas the night before Christmas

December 23, 2001 by In the Trenches

Twas the Night (Burgh Style...)
(This is being passed around the net via email)

Bill Cowher's Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas 
in a Burgh that I know
The stadium was empty
and the lights did not glow

The uniforms hung
in the lockers with pride
with the helmets, with emblems
on only one side

The players and coaches
had been gone for a while
I sent them home early
with a holiday smile

So I cleared off my desk
and was ready to leave
to spend time at home
on this Christmas eve

When out by the lockers
I heard a loud clatter
I ran from the office
to see what was the matter

I ran down the hall
just as fast as can be
and stopped at the door
I was trying to see

I heard someone walking
some concern this did cause
Then I gasped when I
saw it was Santa Clause

He was dressed not in red
but in gold trimmed with black
and I watched as he pulled
all the gifts from his sack

Some fumbles, some pics,
and some sacks for the "D"
And a ball for Kris Brown
that flies straight as can be

The receivers got touchdowns
A long bomb for Slash
and a defensive back
for the Bus to smash

Every player and coach
got a gift of some kind
but what would he leave me?
Lots of thoughts crossed my mind

I watched as he carried
his bag down the hall
but he started to leave
he left me nothing at all

So with fire in my eyes
and spit on my lip
I yelled 'cross the room
"Hey man what's your trip"

"I watched as you gave
all those gifts to my crew
but you're giving me nothing
what wrong did I do?"

He turned and he smiled
and he said just one thing
"When you get to New Orleans
you'll get your Super Bowl ring"

Merry Christmas from the Staff!!

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