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Stillers-Bungals Postgame Analysis and Grades

November 24, 2019 by Still Mill

Stillers 16, Bungals 10 …..Nov 24 2019………Game # 11
Stillers-Bungals Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers slopped about against the woeful, 0-10 Bungals, and eked out a win in one of the dullest, boring-est NFL games in recent memory. 




QB:   Coming off the angst of Myles Garrett grisly, unacceptable accusation against Rudolph, it was likely that the young QB was distracted in practice and going into this game.  He had a spotty game, with a host of mis-fires.   To be fair,  Jones dropped a mediocre but catchable short TD pass.  The OL was again a colander, chock full of holes.    Rudy did have a good 35 yard strike to Cain.    C


Duck Hodges came on in relief, then hit Samuels for about 12 and then James Wash for a 79 yard catch and run TD.    He did little else, but that TD helped stave off the upset loss.     B-




Conner – did not play; had injured shoulder.  Starting to lose my patience with his softness and brittleness.


Samuels - played sparingly.   Had 3 grabs for 26, and 2 rushes for 6.     B- 


Snell - returned after missing 3 games, and had a whale of an effort.   Had 21 rushes for a career high 98 yards.   Very solid.    A+ 


Trey Edmunds - had 2 carries for 7 yards.  With Samuels and Snell avail, am not sure why Edmunds got any work in the first place. 


Whythe- Impressed me some with his decent burst.    Had 6 rushes for 43.     



Nix did not play; out for season.



JuJu – sat out with the concussion.


Wash - again, finally started to look useable, with the splendid 79-yard TD, in which he stiff-armed a hapless tackler en route to the end zone.   Had only 2 other grabs, which of course is a concern.    A-


D. Johnson - had 3 grabs for 29.   Not terribly productive for the role of #2 that he served in this game. 


Holton - no grabs, as usual.


Cain - hauled in a 35-yard deep lob for his 1st grab as a Stiller.


Jones - failed to catch a catchable pass in the EZ.   Had 1 grab for 9.      C



McDonald - had 1 grabs for 1 yard (hold your laughter, please.   Not nearly enough.  The blocking was decent.   B-


Vannett - Had no grabs.   Okay run blocking.


OL:  Overall, the line played its usual grab-assed form of slop, abuse, and leakage.   The QBs were under a ton of pressure throughout the game.   The ground game had an array of struggles; the numbers ended up decent largely due to savvy cut-backing when the initial hole was stuffed.   At least the flags were quite minimal, which was easy to do when at least 50% of the crowd were Stiller fans.      C+





Heyward – had a solid, fairly dominant game.   A-


Hargrave - solid play.     B


Alu - did a little bit.      C+



Vinnie – not much on the stat sheet, but his presence was far more useful than Barron’s.  


Barron - had a couple assists, and otherwise whiffed and flailed on a variety of plays.    C- 


Bush - had just 3 solos.  Was beaten on a deep flag by Boyd (a complete mismatch), but had the presence to poke the ball out for a huge turnover.   Otherwise, Cinci has a 1st and goal, and likely wins the game.    B+


Chickillo - played some snaps here and there.


Watt – Had a beast of an attack & sack in the 1st half.   Got nicked up later, but then came back into the game.  B


Crud Dupree – pretty much did nothing all game long, but late in the game, got a strip of the QB and then astutely recovered the fumble to secure the W.     C+




Haden – decent game, although he allowed the TD to Boy and also dropped 2 INTs.  Was also flagged for PI.  B


Nelson - solid all-around game.    A


Hilton – got flagged for a PI, but otherwise had a solid game.    B


Edmunds - was easily out-jousted by Boyd on the long completion, showing his high-jump skills as being able to hop over at least 4 stacked nickels.   Helped out in run stuffing here and there. 


Minkah - All this dude does…is make big fuking plays.  The fumble recovery- right near the sideline chalk, was no cakewalk, but yet he adroitly scooped it while keeping in bounds, and then scampered 30+ yards.   His addition has nothing short of extraordinary.    A+


Spec teams:  

Jordan Berry –  Had 7 punts; never pinned Cinci own deep inside their 5.      B


Boswell - 3 for 3 on FGs; great to see him having such a splendid season.  A


OC:  Randy Sphincter had his usual struggles.   Zero creativity existed today… wildcat, no reverses, no nothing.   Just straight, bland vanilla.     C



Keith Assler had a variety of struggles, which is unacceptable when facing a greenhorn, ineffective rookie QB.   Having Bush cover Tyler Boy in deep coverage……preposterous !!      C+


HC:  Mike Asslin will be all proud and full of bravado for beating a hapless, 0-10 club.     B


Synopsis:  The team moves to 6-5 with this sloppy win.    Now, a revenge re-match against the Browns, which promises to be a hard-hitting, skull-cracking affair.   Can’t wait !!


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