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Undrafted and unsigned

April 29, 2001 by Steel Phantom

Here is a look at a few prospects that were not drafted and remain, at this date, unsigned

Here is a look at a few prospects that were not drafted and remain, at this date, unsigned.According to various draft gurus, these men were draftable but the fact is that they were not.Something�s wrong but, given the info I have, I can�t guess what the problem may be.At this point, there aren�t a lot of future HOF types left but for what�s its worth, here are a few players I�d like to see in camp.These men are arranged in terms of team need, not individual ability.


Team speed:The train has left the station with all reasonable WR and CB prospects on-board.CB Ligarius Jennings is in Detroit and CB Dyshod Carter will remain close to home in KC.Excluding Boo Williams and Sly Johnson, the WR were long gone when Chris Taylor got his call.


Be that as it may, the Stillers need for speed in the D-side reserve ranks remains, especially at OLB. At present, Haggans (5.0 40) backs up Porter and the great Roger Knight is behind Gildon.This suggests that, since he is the only reserve with the tools to help at OLB, Kendrell Bell will have his attention diverted from MLB.This may retard his development and, if so, will lengthen the Jones Era inside.IMO, the Stillers should look for some player with the measurables to succeed at OLB.These may include:


LOLB Brady McDonnell, Colorado.Lists at 6�3�, 255# or 6�-4� 267#, depending on the source.40 given as 4.57 and 4.75.Regardless, played DE at Boulder and had 8 sacks in 2000.Said to have excellent straight-line speed and a great work ethic.Plays tough and plays hurt; gives good effort on every down.On the downside, is somewhat stiff and doesn�t get through traffic.�� Played a little situational TE as an underclassman.I like this player as a ST coverage guy and, maybe, a long-range LOLB.


LOLB Roland Seymour, FSU.Discussed previously; had 6 sacks as a sophomore when he and Jamal Reynolds were described as bookend DE.Lists as 6�-2�, 250# to 6�-4� 265# with 40 times ranging form 4.55 to 4.80.Did 27 reps at FSU�s pro day.I continue to regard this player as a future value pick in the Anthony Poindexter mold.


Defensive Line:Mario Monds was this year�s Grady Jackson/Jermaine Haley interior prospect and he is a Skin now.There is no help to be had at NT but consider:


DE Fred Wakefield, Illinois.Lists as 6�7�, 287# with a 4.90 40.Did 26 reps at the Combine.�� Last year, had 9 sacks, 21 TFL and 61 tackles.Finished 3rd all-time at Illinois in both sacks and TFL; I�m guessing Simone Rice and Kevin Hardy top the list.Was a Senior Bowl participant but did not stand out.Said to be tough but needs strength work.Unlike Bailey, has the frame to develop; like Bailey, played pretty well in America�s Heartland.


Offensive Tackle:If Mathias Nkwenti is a LOT, there may be no need here.However, I believe Nkwenti is an athlete who is more likely to play in the interior OL.Gandy will probably be gone after 2002, the Stillers may be able to get ahead of the OT curve now.


ROT/OG Chris Brown, Georgia Tech.6�-5�, 327# did 30 reps at the Combine.Started 43/48 games in four years; 35/36 over the last three.�� Durable and powerful but has trouble with speed rushers.Was a LOT in college but projects inside or at ROT in the NFL.


ROT Jarvis Borum, NC State 6�-7�, 337# did 25 reps.Huge, but raw with really horrendous footwork.Strictly developmental.


OG/T Scott Kempenich, Oklahoma 6�-4� 320# Protected Heupal�s blind side at OU. Not a good athlete but seemed to be the leader on the Sooner�s O-line last year.Could develop in a year or two.


These players all seem to have the measurables; they all played in big-time programs.Why they were not drafted or signed is a mystery to me but, in fairness, 30 other FO share the Stiller�s assessment of these men.

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