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Intro and Comments from Still Mailman

November 17, 2008 by Guest

Hello Stiller fans,

I am Still Mailman. I am a letter carrier from a small town in Pa. near Gettysburg. I am hoping to be a guest writer for That aside, having been a Steelers fan for thirty plus years I feel I have a lot to offer.  

- Has anyone else noticed that Ben isn�t running the ball at all this year? That is one reason for his having an off year. He is not keeping defenses honest as he has in the past. He has also developed a habit this year of pump faking the ball over and over. Ben has been sacked often this year but remember he asked the Steelers to draft a big receiver not an offensive lineman.

- Next on the agenda is the myth that an offense has to have an identity.  A good offense needs to be able to pass and run the ball whenever they need to. If you are playing a team with the worst run defense in the league you run the ball. If they have the worst pass defense you pass the ball. The Steelers do not need an offensive identity, they need a new offensive coordinator. The Eagles game is a perfect example of Arians imbecilic coordinating. Jason Witten owned the Eagles on Monday Night Football less than a week before the Steelers game. You would think Heath Miller could do the same but Arians had him blocking all game long.  

- Arians made no half-time adjustments during this game either. I thought that is what half-times were for, maybe I am wrong.

- Where has Dennis Dixon been this season to date? The Ravens have been using Troy Smith in their offense while Dixon�s talent has been rotting on the bench. Let him return kicks if nothing else. If James Harrison can play on special teams, so can the third string quarterback.  

- Did anybody else notice that Jason Campbell fumbled the ball on the play Woodley was fined for?  If you have the game on tape, check it out and see what you think.

- I haven�t seen anybody second-guessing Mike Tomlin for kicking a field goal on fourth and one. These are the kind of nutless calls that Cowher would make. Tomlin had enough faith in his defense to start the Redskin game off with an onside kick. Why was he afraid to give the ball to the Colts on the one yard line playing at home?  This is the only nutless call he has made in a year and a half so that isn�t too bad.

That is it for now; hopefully the Steelers can right the ship this week against the Bungals. Thanks to Still Mill for this opportunity. Do you remember Harvey Clayton?

 Yours in Steelerism,

 Still Mailman


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