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Power Rankings (week 11)

November 18, 2009 by Steel Haven

1.1.New Orleans Saints9-0Finding ways to win despite not playing particularly well against mediocre to poor competition in the last four or so weeks.
2.2.Indianapolis Colts9-0Erased a 17 point 4th quarter deficit with a lot of help from mistakes by Brady, Maroney, Belichick and the Patriots defense.
3.3.Minnesota Vikings8-1A division title seems all but guaranteed. A first round playoff bye probable.
4.7.Cincinnati Bengals7-2Only need to beat the Browns to go undefeated in the division.
5.4.New England Patriots6-3Can they recover from Belichick's decision to go for it on 4th an 2 from his own 28 leading by 6 with just over 2 minutes to play?
6.8.Arizona Cardinals6-3Remember last year when they clinched the division early, collapsed down the stretch and surprised everybody in the playoffs. Could the same thing happen again? Clinching early is a fiat accompli.
7.5.Pittsburgh Steelers6-3Foibles of the kick coverage unit have become ridiculous.
8.10.San Diego Chargers6-3Overcame a 3 game deficit to the Broncos in 3 weeks for the second time in approximately 10 months.
9.6.Dallas Cowboys6-3Can't handle prosperity.
10.13.Baltimore Ravens5-4After visiting the city in which the franchise originated the old Browns get a visit from the the franchise that abandoned their current city. Who knew NFL schedule makers had a sense of irony?
11.9.Denver Broncos6-3Simms showed Orton to be indispensible. Are they what we thought they were before a surprising 6-0 start? A loss this week to the Chargers would be devastating.
12.16.Jacksonville Jaguars5-4Ballsy move by Del Rio with his team trailing by a point to have MJD take a knee at the 1 with the Jets allowing him to score to run the clock before a game winning FG attempt.
13.17.Green Bay Packers5-4Victory over the Cowboys makes the loss in Tampa all the more mystifying.
14.14.Houston Texans5-4Had an extra week to think about how they blew the game in Indianapolis.
15.15.New York Giants5-4Will they be able to right the ship coming off a bye?
16.11.Philadelphia Eagles5-4Turn to Shady after Westbrook suffered a 2nd concussion in 3 weeks.
17.12.Atlanta Falcons5-4Winning without Turner will not be easy.
18.20.Miami Dolphins4-5Henne led a last second field goal drive in a game they had to have. Now he has to perform without Brown.
19.22.Tennessee Titans3-6Had to laugh at video of 86 year old owner Adams giving Bills fans the 2 handed finger salute. Of course the resulting $250K fine was no laughing matter for Adams.
20.25.Carolina Panthers4-5Loss of Gross is a blow.
21.24.San Fransisco 49ers4-5Needed 5 interceptions to win 10-6 and end their 4 game losing streak with Smith showing the form that got him benched in the first place. Would be dangerous if they could find a QB to pair with playmakers Gore, Crabtree and Davis.
22.18.Chicago Bears4-5Cutler's 5 interceptions in San Fransisco puts his season total at a remarkable 17.
23.19.New York Jets4-5Remember when they were 3-0? Firing DL coach Locklin after losing 5 of their last 6 smells of desperation and isn't going to make any difference.
24.21.Seattle Seahawks3-6Irrelevent.
25.32.Washington Redskins3-6They have a pulse.
26.23.Buffalo Bills3-6Finally put Jauron out of his misery.
27.29.Kansas City Chiefs2-7Enthusiasm over avenging early season loss to the Raiders tempered by Bowe suspension.
28.27.Tampa Bay Buccaneers1-8Freeman looks like the real deal.
29.26.Oakland Raiders2-7Continued struggles of Russell make the future look especially bleak.
30.30.St. Louis Rams1-8Playing hard for Spagnoulo which is at least something.
31.31.Detriot Lions1-8<sarcasm>I can't believe their classic matchup with the Browns this week wasn't moved to prime time on Sunday.</sarcasm>
32.28.Cleveland Browns1-8Scored 5 offensive TDs in their last 15 games. A record of futility matched only by the 1933-34 Cincinatti Reds.

*Last week's ranking
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