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Best Bets (plus two)

November 03, 2010 by Steel Haven

My first perfect week of the season. A second straight best bet win against the Bungles as their season spins out of control. A win-win situation. The Rams proving they were better than the Panthers. Not a surprise even though I was worried the line was so low that the bookmakers knew something that I didn't. Even the Chargers picked this week to play up to their ability. Maybe I am a witch (obligatory Halloween reference) for predicting that....

I'm in trouble. There were six games I really liked this week after going 5-1 in the last two weeks without really liking any games. The kiss of death. My focus is back on road teams. I'm going to go with all road favorites. Besides my picks I also liked the Bears giving only 3 in Buffalo, the Colts getting 3 in Philadelphia and the Dolphins getting 5.5 in Baltimore.

home team in bold

Best Bet

New England Patriots (-4.5) over Cleveland Browns

This line seems too good to be true. Steel Tank says it is a trap. I can't help myself. Yes the Browns are playing better. They beat the Saints in New Orleans the last time they took the field. But Breesus gift wrapped that one for them with four interceptions, two for touchdowns. Tom Brady will not be so giving.


New York Jets (-4.0) over Detriot Lions

Jets should be out for blood after being shut out last week by the Packers.

New Orleans Saints (-7.0) over Carolina Panthers

I went for the Saints in their last divisional road game and they came up big for me in Tampa. The Panthers are not remotely close to being as good as the Bucs. So I will go back to the well.

Last Week

Miami Dolphins (+2.0) over Cincinnati Bengals WIN

St. Louis Rams (-3.0) over Carolina Panthers WIN

San Diego Chargers (-3.5) over Tennessee Titans WIN

Year to date: 13-10-1   Best bets: 4-3-1
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