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Sup Bowl Preview

Postby StillMill » Sat Feb 01, 2014 1:52 pm

Sup Bowl Preview has been posted by Still Mill at

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Re: Sup Bowl Preview

Postby fred » Sat Feb 01, 2014 4:10 pm

Classical 4-3 defenses that are able to get pressure WITHOUT blitzing beat up fast track offenses. Who needs reminding of the Giants (twice) teaching Belichek the fine nuances of the game. Did the Saints also offer up the 4-3 against the Colts?
Seattle's D is the closest thing to the Steel Curtain that I have seen.
Marshawn Lunch does a very good imitation of Jim Brown including always rolling the ball forward at the end of the play.
Denver's D needs to as they say 'rush like a team, not as an individual'. Russel Wilson has got a shortage problem and he is effective if he can break through the pocket. Unfortunately accuracy is still an issue. Therefore Denver has to force Wilson to win the game with his arm.
Secondly Manning has to do what Ben has been getting better at...that is the 3 second release. If the refs are letting them play, look for She attle to jam hard at the LOS. Denver's ability to get off the LOS with their recievers will be a large factor.
Denver has a chance to win if Morono can produce yardage on quick hiting or cut back runs against She attle's overaggressive D (Gore had a lot of success against this D that way.) and if like the 4noners did keep a tightend in the backfield to stop the SheHawks front four.
Classically the Seahawks should win, but classics were gone by the 70's and the NFL might be a little corrupt.

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