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Around the League

Postby Ohio » Sat Jan 19, 2013 12:26 pm

I was looking at the recently hired HC. Wanted to share some quick thoughts :

Bears - Trestman. Guy seems like a "moneyball " guy. All numbers and statistics. He won in the CFL. Then again... It's the CFL. This one will be down to how he handles game time pressure. He can either be a highly succesfull or a total failure. It will depend on the patience of the people around him as well.

Bills - Marrone. Honestly I don't know why so many teams were in love with the guy. I don't think he will be around in three years time.

Browns - Chudzinski. Guy does not stand a chance. The hiring of Lombardi is a joke.

Cardinals - Arians. Well I think that next year we will know for sure if the Steelers made a huge mistake kicking Arians out. The Colts appeared to be much better with Arians that with Pagano. So again, maybe it will be a telling regarding the Colts as well. Anyway I like the Cardinals pick. I think it is the second best hiring ( together with Trestman ).

Chargers - McCoy. Have no idea how this will work out. In two years in Denver he basically followed orders. I don't even consider him to be the OC there. With Tebow it was Fox that told him to change the offense ( which anyway did not work against anybody except the Steelers ). With Manning it was Manning and Fox running the show ( I doubt that McCoy agreed with the conservative playcalling ). Then again... Who is this guy ? We will quickly find out

Chief - Reid. In my opinion this is the worst move. The guy was only succesful in Philadelphia with McNabb. I don't feel he backed up McNabb enough. The guy seemed affected by the loss of his son. I don't think he will stick around more than three years. My idea is that this guy career is over. Of course those with the idea that "experience " counts will love it. I don't. Experience is a word overvalued.

Eagles - Chip Kelly. The BEST move possible. This time next year teams will be studying all the crazy stuff he does ( going for fourth down. Two points conversion. Super UpTempo Offense ). The guy will change the game. It is a guaranteed. For all the people saying that he lacks experience: Shut up ! The guy is full of ideas and he goes for it. Gotta love the guy. Thinking out of the box all the time. For sure I will closely watch a lot of the Eagles game. I don't expect the Eagles to score any less than 20 points in any given game in the near future. I predict the Eagles in the SB maximum in three years time.

Jaguars - Bradley. Bradley who ? A DC ? I don't know. Seattle defense was ok. But today's game ( even more with Kelly ) is towards Offense. To me the only thing that counts on Defense is the Red Zone Defense. Just be able to make other team kick FG instead of scoring a TD. I do not like DC for a simple reason : If you want to win the game you need the ball last. Once you have it play to win. Play aggressive. DC that become HC seem to play not to lose ( last being Fox ). Seem to think that Defense will bail them out. Maybe it was so 15 years ago. Not now. Not Anymore.

Share your ideas. I would in particular like to know what rectile thinks. I loved your post the other day regarding Brady / Belichik and could not agree more. I think you should agree with the Trestman and Kelly moves

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Re: Around the League

Postby prowlin » Fri Jan 25, 2013 7:20 am

Suprise Wiz took a demotion and went back to OC for the Chargers...

No chance Haley leaves town now huh? Wouldn't of minded to
get Wiz back to replace Momlin..

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Re: Around the League

Postby Ohio » Wed Sep 11, 2013 1:36 pm

I will make an update based on what I saw in Week One :

EAGLES - THIS SEASON TEAM. Opposing defenses will improve over the course of the season but Chip Kelly is changing the Game. The run behind a 3 man Offensive Line is something so beatiful. The best run I have ever seen in my entire life at any level. The Redskins were lost. WTF. They had an entire offseason to study. Against our D they would have scored some 60 points and 800 yards IN A GAME. A REPEAT FOR THOSE NOT LISTENING : THE BEST SINGLE MOVE IN THE OFFSEASON IN THE ENTIRE NFL. I JUST WISH IT WAS WITH THE STEELERS. I am just too happy to see somebody from the outside kicking as* in a closed arrogant world as the NFL. A guy with no NFL experience is teaching everybody what today's game is all about. FAST, FUN AND EFFECTIVE.

BILLS - Marrone is much better than I thought. His uptempo offense was good. His defense kept the game close.

CLOWNS - The coordinator's name are good only on paper.

SAN DIEGO - Not Sold. I do not think McCoy will last long.

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