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Re: 2012-Week 16-Steelers vs. Bungles Game Thread

Postby Steelers76 » Mon Dec 24, 2012 2:39 am

bubbybrister wrote:To that end, Re: Colbert, can anyone name a clear cut Joe Greene/Steelers Rookie Of The Year from this past season?? Decastro has been hurt the majority of the season, Adams has looked like a sick turtle when he has played, I don't even know what happened to that undersized LB they drafted from Florida St., and that NT from Washington made more news off the field then on it. Not good.

Don't forget about Butler[/quote]

That says it all; Our rookie of the year was an undrafted Punter that was mediocre at best.

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Re: 2012-Week 16-Steelers vs. Bungles Game Thread

Postby Coke Oven » Mon Dec 24, 2012 9:00 am

"Trenches I don't know. The RB did their job in the first half. Then I think the oline had melt down. Nobody ran between tackles... WR were disappointing. Wallace ? Have you seen him ? TE ? Miller ? And Ben ? What happened to Ben ? We better draft a QB in the second or third round. Worst scenario it works as for Kirk Cousins with the Redskins. Ben is never going to play a full season. And we do not have a backup. The first two people to be fired are Leftwich and Batch. Then Butler. Then the special teams coach. Then Lebeau and cut all the " old " defense. Then you chat a little with Haley. Give him one more year. If it doesn't work... Raus"

Now that I think about it, I'm seeing a parallel between the way that the Steelers ruined Kordell Stewart and what they're doing with Ben. Stewart was pretty good early on. Then they gave him different offensive coordinators and tried to turn him into a pocket passer. Which he never was nor could or should be. Now they're trying that same shit with Ben. Different coaches and managers. Same ownership. Gotta be directives from the top down. Rooney's aren't as pure and golden as some like to believe.


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