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Gettin' fired up!

Postby isfry » Mon Apr 28, 2014 1:48 pm

Just watched the NFL Networks' America's Game episodes for 2005 and 2008 last night. (again.)
While I generally remember the 2008 year as being more dramatic, I forgot how epic the '05 campaign was. I was stoked to see JP in all his glory almost single handedly willing us to the SB that year. Yes, Ben made the immaculate tackle, but Peezy was going mental on D. Recall his back to back sacks on the untouchable Manning to force the turnover on downs that ultimately led to Bettis' lamentable fumble. Just watching JP strut around the field and call Jeremy Stevens (and everybody else) out in the media and on the field got me fired up. There is one scene where a young Deebo is among those attentively listening to Peezy preach his defensive cannibalism in the huddle. Sick.

Got me really excited to have JP back where he belongs. I also cant help but hope that Harrison gets signed, just as a veteran backup and locker room presence. I have a good feeling about the upcoming season. I think Peezy and Deebo could provide a much-needed veteran presence and a take-no-prisoners attitude on D. We need one more receiving threat and we should be good to go. The stairway to seven begins in earnest on May 8. Start yer engines, yinzers!!!

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Re: Gettin' fired up!

Postby SoCal Stiller » Mon Apr 28, 2014 2:29 pm

Nice post bro. You almost got me all fired up there and it's frickin monday!

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