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Another ref 'Screw-job' and we're not even there!

Postby bigjoespompano » Mon Dec 30, 2013 11:19 am

This is way beyond ridiculous. It's entering 'obscene.' We get jobbed out of any playoff possibilities because the filthy Zebras miss another critical call??? Yea, I understand that we probably wouldn't have gotten far into the playoffs but that's not the point. This Sh%t continues to happen all over the NFL and not a DAMN thing is done to correct it. WHY??? Are the stinking rich fat-boy owners too %^$@! stupid to realize that this crap is slowly destroying the game that makes them all their $$$??? I deal with people all day and I am hearing more and more how once true and faithful NFL fans are finding 'Better things to do on a Sunday.'

Face facts. The NFL is the only major sport that doesn't employ full time officials. The NBA, NHL and MLB all employ their refs and keep them well focused on their product. These men leave after the game and go back to their offices until the next game calls. JEBUS!!! Think about your job! You have a big presentation due to a critical client/Boss at 9AM Monday morning and you are trying to officiate a Football game??? Sure, they are very professional and probably well focused but some where in the back of their mind this upcoming career event is scratching at them. This is a game of inches and seconds. One moment of inattention and "BAM!" you've missed a critical game event and the entire game turns on that blown call.

I will say this again as the NFL owners are no different than any other cushy-bottomed office suit & Tie wearing fat boy. You stupid over-paid, under-worked, business know-it-alls better get your stinking head out of your AZZ and start paying attention to the 'Long-Term' future of what you do instead of focusing on what some ninety-eight pound, lilly-livered,cube-dwelling accounting geek is presenting to you on some spread-sheet concerning the next fiscal quarter! The career (or league...) you save may just be your own.

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Re: Another ref 'Screw-job' and we're not even there!

Postby Still Peon » Mon Dec 30, 2013 11:31 pm

NFL refs have it easier than weather men.......except when they're wrong, someone benefits from it.....which makes them mega-fuckheads.

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