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Has Tomlin ever yelled at anyone?

Postby Pommah » Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:03 pm

Noll was not really a yeller, a holler-er. But anybody who F'd up badly would be treated to a special type of vitriol from the man after trotting back to the sidelines. Terry Bradshaw suffered through many of these (deservedly so) before maturing into one of the best the game has seen. Noll's Steelers of the 70's were the most flawlessly executing pro sports team I have ever seen. Sure they had talent. But the did not screw up and certainly did not screw off.

Billy Cowher came in, more of a player's coach, and instantly started producing winners with Noll's personnel who had not been performing under Noll. Times change, and sometimes people can't. There weren't any more of the type of players Noll had been successful with. Coaching now across all of the pro sports, where the players make so much money and are so valuable to the fan draw and become prima donnas as a result, is a balancing act. For all his faults Cowher was able to run this balance; he would be all smiley with the players, yet I remember plenty of times where Billy C ran down a player, grabbed his jersey, jutted that enormous chin in the guy's face, and slathered him in spittle in a complete dressing down that made you just cringe for the guy - even though he had indeed f'd up.

Thing is, that kind of dressing down wakes everybody up. Nobody wants to have his ass chewed out on national TV. It's not just the chew-ee who straightens out; it's everybody. I don't ever recall seeing Tomlin taking a chunk out of anybody's ass. In fact I recall the cameras capturing Tomlin complimenting a guy after a complete and total bonehead stunt that would have had Noll or Cowher on the verge of dismembering the guy.

Well the season is totally shot at this point. It's time for Tomlin to see who really wants to play and who wants to coast because most of the men in the black and gold have been a bunch of fat assed lazy good for nothing vastly overpaid pieces of shit for four games now, as football players are wont to do because lets face it, it's a brutal game and if you can get paid without busting your hump every practice and every game that is what you're going to do. While there is plenty that isn't Tomlin's fault in this fiasco, it's no longer time for Mr. Nice Guy. Time to take names and kick ass. Even Rooney will let a coach go after an ass season like this.

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