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The Myth of "Steelers Draft"

Postby Ohio » Sat Apr 27, 2013 8:52 am

It seems to me that A LOT of those so calle "Drafts Experts" still consider the Steelers as a Drafting Machine. As we have seen yesterday it is no longer so. Reaching for a RB at the 2nd Round was just one more example. To make my point I will give you some numbers :

11 Offense + 11 Defense = 22 Total Starters ( for sake of reasoning I am not taking in cosideration Special Team )

Let's say that a Normal NFL Career makes it to 8 years. In theory nailing the first three picks ( which should not be SO DIFFICULT to people that do this for life ) you have a total of 8 * 3 = 24 Quality Picks ( 22 Starters + 2 )

OK I get your points. Injuries, free agency , and all the bla bla bla... But consider this :

1) Beside the first three picks you have four / five more where you can risk as much as you would like. Always considering Eight years this make between 32 to 40 more picks. And you still have the Undrafted rookies. I think it is reasonable to expect at least 5 starters out of this bunch

2 ) Your coach should be able to develop skill players regardless. Case in Point : Shanahan with RB ( he always had unkwon RBs produce ). Belichick with QB ( see Cassell ). And the list goes on and on

3 ) I am saying 8 years but in reality a lot of career are much much longer.

This one is just to make people realize how normal the GMs are. For all the talk of those GENIUSES you realize with those numbers that they are not. Going back to this draft and our dear dear COLBERT :

- First Round Pick : You pick a LB when you had the Best TE available in a class where the first two where much ahead of the others. I didn't like the pick for two reasons : Medical History and slow forty time. I add one more : You have a DC, well in his seventies, that takes 1 or 2 years before letting the player see the field. Problem is... By the time this first round pick is ready our Defensive Coordinator is already somewhere else...

- Second Round Pick : A RB. The guy can be as good as you want. The game has gone away from a one back system and from the Running game in itself. This is a position you can easily pick in the fourth or fifth round. You will not lose as much talent as in a lot of other positions.

Sorry but I do not like those two picks. This is a complete waste. And let's not forget... We are where we are due to the Colbert Drafts :

2008 Anyone ? Not a Single Player on the team. Worilds ( that you now have again on the bench ) was A SECOND ROUNDER IN 2010. First and second rounder are Starters regularly on most of the teams. Go back and look at ours ... &type=team

Other Random Thoughts :

For all the talks regarding how much money we were paying Sanders... Take a look at this
People : Matt SPAETH is making as much as our entire O Line.

With all due respect to Troy... I Do not see him with us after next season. 9 Milions for somebody that for sure is going to play only 8 - 10 Games is WAY too much.

I know that some of you will quickly call me crazy. As you did for Harrison ( hello Still Mill ). Have you seen how much he got ?

One last thought : I am excited to see the "Second Greatest Show on Turf " across state. Philadelphia will rock. I was very high on them as they Hired Chip Kelly. Even more so after seeing his fist steps. Let's prepare to see some 40 - 30 score regularly

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Re: The Myth of "Steelers Draft"

Postby LenSherwood » Sun Jun 02, 2013 5:38 pm

Gotta agree with you Ohio. I can't say I follow college football much, but the drafts since 2008 are nothing great. The first round pick is not an upgrade over Harrison and the Steelers let him go. There are needs all over this team. :sutimebomb:

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