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Talk me off the ledge

Postby trenches » Sun Dec 09, 2012 9:31 pm

I definitely lean to the optimistic side of things although I'm analytical by nature and trade. My analytical side is overriding my optimism right now and I need reasons why I SHOULD remain optimistic.

My short list:
  • Ben was rusty after the injury.
  • The team maintained wildcard status today despite the loss.
  • The D has not given up more than 20 points since week 6 so they were due by the nature of the NFL.

Feel free to drop your rant list too.

Agggg :supissed:

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Re: Talk me off the ledge

Postby NOVASteel79 » Sun Dec 09, 2012 9:44 pm

After that shitfest I think the only things to be optimistic about right now are that we didn't lose ground thanks to the Bungles loss, and the next two games aren't to these awful, bottom rung of the league teams that we seem incapable of showing up against. But after that performance, hard to feel real good about anything.

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Re: Talk me off the ledge

Postby bellenberger » Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:03 am

I know it is popular to bag on the Steelers secondary, but considering there has been near zero pass rush I think they are much improved. If we could actually find some LBs to generate some pressure, I think this D could be very dangerous.

That being said, we are in a rebuilding period. O-line and D-line are still coming together. Just wish we had more depth at LB and that Timmons and Woodley would have lived up to their hype.

Ben sucked as usual coming back from an injury. The disappointing parts were the O-line allowing the pressure and not getting a push on the 4th and inches, as well as Wallace letting that deep ball in the 1st half clang off his hands when the game was still close and the Steelers were backed up for 3 or so series in a row. When your "game" is the deep ball, you have to catch those passes.

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Re: Talk me off the ledge

Postby LenSherwood » Mon Dec 10, 2012 8:16 am

trenches... I warned you some posts ago about trying to calculate what will be wins on the upcoming and weak schedule about three weeks ago. You knew from the losses to Oakland and Tennessee that the Steelers are an inconsistent team that can be beaten on any given week. Either the offense would suck it up and lay out turnovers or the defense would get manhandled. It became obvious that the left side of the Steeler defense with Hood and Mill's favorite player, big LaMarr was getting moved off the line of scrimmage three yards every play. And there isn't consistent pressure and Foote is a journeyman player at best at ML. Offensive line will give pressure as usual and you can't count on them to get a yard on less than third and one or fourth and one.

The bright side if you need one? Everyone sucks. Teams are completely mediocre now in the NFL. You can beat anyone if you can lose to the likes of San Diego at home....

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Re: Talk me off the ledge

Postby SoulBro7 » Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:43 pm

It's high-time we started realizing the truth. Mike Tomlin and Todd Haley should be fired after the season. Because he is a Hall-of-Famer, LeBeau should be asked to retire. If he refuses, then fire him, too. All of those old-heads like Polamalu, Harrison, Woodley, Ike, Foote, Hampton, Kiesel and Clark should be cleaned out in the off-season. Sometimes we Steelers are too loyal, to our own detriment. Then, we need to draft a young stud at qb to challenge Ben, to push him because Ben knows his position is in no jeopardy. He is a quiet diva. Haley has surrendered to the Steelers' red-carpet treatment of Ben, not installing an offense that works best for the team. You run Dwyer 8 times, but have Ben throwing 42 times in his first game in almost a month! Fire him. Tomlin, as I stated on another post on this site, is in over his head. He is nothing but a coordinator, at best. I thought the Rooney Rule worked and it did as far as hiring Tomlin, but it has backfired because Tomlin is incompetent. It just goes to show he only won with the residual effect of Cowher's guys. Kevin Colbert should have ALOT of trade bait this offseason. If he does nothing in terms of upgrading positions, he should be fired, as well. After firing Tomlin, we shold bring in Tony Dungy, a man with real Steeler ties. If Ken Whisenhunt gets fired from Arizona, try everything possible to bring him back as OC and promote our LB coach, Keith Butler to DC. Then, change/go back to the block-style numbers on the jerseys pre-97. If I were an owner, I'd make even more changes, but this is my rant for now...

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