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Giving Thanks

Postby isfry » Wed Nov 21, 2012 12:03 pm

Just wanted to inject a little positivity into all the doom and gloom. The NFL season is generally, and perhaps particularly this year, an emotional roller coaster for the true fan. Compare how you felt after the Titans loss to how you felt after the Giants win, for example. We are blessed to be fans of the winningest, most storied franchise in the sport and I am sure that things will, again, look rosier after beating the Brownies this Sunday. Two wins in a row and we will be sitting in pretty good shape again. Ben will be back. AB will be back. Troy might be back. Harrison is starting to show signs of life, which has already begun to make Woodley look like he's contributing. Our O-line continues to gel, and our corners are actually covering receivers. The rest of the league is full of teams looking as internally confused, inconsistent and unpredictable as we have been. Enjoy your families and your turkey day, boys and girls. The Steelers are gonna be just fine...

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Re: Giving Thanks

Postby SoCal Stiller » Wed Nov 21, 2012 12:38 pm

Nice post bro. :cheers:

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Re: Giving Thanks

Postby Sun and Steel » Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:39 pm

Tru all of that. If the boys can weather the storm over the next few weeks (beat Brownies as they should and steal one in Balt) they may be getting all of the pieces back just in time to make a strong playoff run. Troy, Decastro, Harrison getting his sea legs, AB, Ben could be back for the push, and we all know hoisting the Lombardi all about who gets hot at the right time. Just get in, baby! Team
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Re: Giving Thanks

Postby trenches » Thu Nov 22, 2012 2:29 am


This is a time to enjoy inordinate quantities of food, our families and some football. A good time of year indeed!

Steelers-wise, I feel good about Batch managing the offense going into this game. Having a game under his belt will be good heading into the biggest game of the year against at the Ratbirds. If they can weather the injury situation and manage to grab a couple of wins the next couple of weeks then there is definitely potential to start picking up steam if and when players come back from injury. As Sun and Steel said, "we all know hoisting the Lombardi is all about who gets hot at the right time."

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope you all and enjoy good eats, good drinks and good company!


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