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Big Game Tomorrow - Your Keys to the Game?

Postby trenches » Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:26 pm

Bumbling Bungles weekend... Ravens hurting... Black and gold struggling... yet, despite the struggles, the Steelers can move into second place in the division.

What are your keys to the game? Your predictions?

My keys:
- Secondary Play - Ike needs to get on track and at least not be a huge liability. Lewis isn't without blame either. AJ Green is a beast and has had success against the Black 'n Gold in the past and he can't be allowed to run roughshod on the secondary.
- Contain Gresham: In addition to containing Green the D has to contain Gresham. With the sub-par secondary play, I fear that the defensive game plan my focus on preventing WR big plays at the expense of allowing Gresham to find soft spots and, in turn, a big performance.
- Turnovers: Dalton has talent but he's also prone to turnovers. The defense is not getting takeaways in 2012 and needs to step up big Sunday night.
- Offensive Explosion: The O needs to step up and deliver big. If the O can get up early that can play a big role in helping Dalton to fall into his tendencies and turn the ball over.

The Bungles just look for excuses to lose games...let's kick the punks while they're down coming off back-to-back losses in game they were expected to win.


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