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Most Penalized Team

Postby SteelPower » Tue Oct 16, 2012 1:26 pm

The Steelers are the most penalized team in the NFL. Nothing reflects more on on head coach than that stat. An undisciplined team that the head coach seems to tolerate without any conscequence. A real leader would demand perfection from his players and his coaches. Sure Dick has losted it, the special teams coach needs replaced every year and the OC uses a grab bag of shit plays at critical times but all this gets fixed with a real head coach. Tomlin has given us this coaching staff that he seems to have no say over, poor clock managment, horrible game decisions ( attempt to kick 54 yard field goal with too much time on the clock), a defense that can't get turnovers or even get the opposing team's quarterback jersey dirty and now more penalties than any team in the league. Tomlin has had years now to build a team of his own and not just run Bill Cowher's team. Not one aspect of the Steelers team has gotten better under his leadership. He carrys, it appears very little repect from the players or his staff. His one liners at his press conference tickles the media's ears but what he shows on the field is no passion or fortitude to demand a win. Let's just face it, the Rooney's blew it this time on getting it right on a head coach. Hopefully they will swallow some pride sooner than later.

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