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Why not 4-3 NOW???

Postby isfry » Sun Oct 14, 2012 11:29 am

Hear me out on this. What's the harm in going to a 4-3 right now? The problems with the current 3-4 scheme are severalfold:

One: We clearly do not have the talent at LB to take advantage of the opportunities a 3-4 can afford us. Moreover, I don't think we have 4 serviceable LB's. Period.
Two: Our DB's and safeties are having enough trouible doing THEIR primary job, without, as someone pointed out on another thread here, leading the team in tackles. Perhaps adding some down D-linemen might shore up our deplorable run stopping and allow the secondary to focus on pass coverage.
Three: As we enter a new era in the Steelers' history, we have some OLD and seemingly useless vets, and supposedly have some DL help coming from recent drafts (Heyward, Hood, Ta'amu, McClendon, Woods, e.g.) wouldn't it make sense to allow these guys to get some playtime without having the whole world on their shoulders? Let's face it, there is less pressure on a guy playing one of four down linemen than there is on a guy playing a true NT posititon.

The upside of the 4-3 would be that we could rotate or platoon the old guys (Keisel, Hampton) with some of the new blood without too much square footage for each guy to worry about. At the same time we could play three LB's (Harrison and Woodley - plus Foote, Timmons, Carter, etc. competing for the middle spot). Heck, with two D-linemen down next to him, Woodley might even get to the QB. Meanwhile, it minimizes the amount of multi-tasking our new drafts at DB would have to do, and maybe they can figure out how to cover a receiver.

Let's face it, the LeBeau era is (finally) over. What's the harm in implementing some changes now, so that we can at least know where we stand with our draft picks and schemes for the start of next season. Who knows, it might even salvage this one. I welcome your responses, in agreement and disagreement. Team
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Re: Why not 4-3 NOW???

Postby trenches » Sun Oct 14, 2012 7:52 pm

Although I don't think you can within any realm of reality implement a 3-4/4-3 switch mid-season on a full-time basis. You could clearly cook up some packages to do so. From a personnel standpoint, I couldn't agree more. Also, from a separate thread, it was noted how there's a complete lack of play makers on the field on defense which I also agree with. You need to scheme to your team's strengths, or at worst, to minimize the weaknesses. Whatever it takes, you have to get your best 11 players on the field at the same time. Unfortunately there's a lot of veteran favoritism going on. I'll take mistakes from younger players trying to make plays rather than old, slow players being completely unable to do so.

This defensive scheme can be summed up in six words: "Mr Opponent, please make a mistake"

Put the personnel on the field that can try to force the issue. If you get beat that way, then so be it. When I can pedal my daughter's tricycle from sideline to sideline faster than a few of the starters can run.... you have serious issues. What's sad is that opposing O coordinators don't even have to watch Steelers game film in video slow-mo. It's already in slow-mo for them.


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Re: Why not 4-3 NOW???

Postby Still Peon » Mon Oct 15, 2012 12:35 pm

bigjoespompano wrote:This entire season is becoming a Keystone Cops classic... ... --nfl.html

Still Peon wrote:we might have to give in to a transition away from the NT position, which has been a discussion for a while now.

It's like poetry......out of my ass!

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