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In fact, it is panic time.

Postby SteelThatDon'tRust » Mon Sep 24, 2012 4:26 pm

Ben basically has to carry the team on his shoulders. The o line, run game and defense are all pathetic. But the defensive woes go beyond LeBlow. We have no impact players whatsoever beyond an aging and now oft injured Harrison and Polamalu, with the exception of Woodley (I know, god help me, but I like the guy). Everyone else on D is mediocre to plain shitty. And this cannot be fixed soon. It will take some drafting. And who believes the cap situation is anything other than stark? I believe we're going to resign Wallace, but this may mean Mendy is gone. Have to begin rebuilding the defense through the draft. And has Colbert lost his magic? Who is the last defensive standout he drafted? If we switch to a 4-3 will our young D line play better in that? I'm fucking depressed. Some one respond with some things that are good, because it's looking like Ben is going to have to put up 35+ a game for the team to do shit.

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Re: In fact, it is panic time.

Postby isfry » Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:20 pm

If it makes you feel any better, I have only been able to make two games in the last two years; the Monday night atrocity against the Whiners when Ben looked like he needed to be in a wheelchair, and last night's assholic performance at Oakland where the entire defense looked like it needed to be on life support. I don't have any glass is half full bullshit for ya, Steel. We look like an 8-8 team. 35 points may not even win that many...
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Re: In fact, it is panic time.

Postby LenSherwood » Tue Sep 25, 2012 7:03 am

The only bright side is that most teams are capable of sucking in the NFL now--there are no complete teams out there. The defense will present a problem for doing much this season though--even half assed quarterbacks are beating it now. Used to be that they would only get shredded by the good ones. Not now. I never thought that they drafts were all that great in the Tomlin era. The Steelers are running on what is left from Cowher's days and that is running out of steam. So it is rebuilding time on the defensive side of the ball. And a complete rebuilding job is in order unfortunately. Not much to build around.

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