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Postby steelwest » Wed Sep 19, 2012 6:22 pm

Just finished an article about how Jonathan Scott could wind up being the new Bears left tackle. :no: I also saw earlier in the week how the Colts may be relying on Essex and signed Tony Hills. :roll: These possibilities are simply incredible and in many ways show how much better the Steelers have it than some other teams.

The same can be said for other positions. The Chargers were looking at going into their game last week without 2 of their top 3 corners and with an undrafted free agent rookie starting at left tackle. And still other teams are forced to start or play significantly corners or safeties they picked up off the waiver wire or were about to cut. Did anyone see the first week where the Giants played their fifth corner against the Cowboys?

Given all of this, while the Steelers have injuries as well, it goes to show that we cannot make excuses. There is supposed to be enough depth and/or enough coaching and guile to be able to produce anyway. The Raiders played game one without a long-snapping center and with two of their top three wide-outs missing plus a host of other injuries and problems.

The Steelers need to suck it up and play. Further, can someone answer why injuries and playing back-ups seems to have a much greater impact on our team than others? Does anyone have any doubt if we played an undrafted rookie free agent at left tackle that Ben would somehow have been sacked 9 times and maybe been sent to the hospital. Yet, Philip Rivers is fine and playing well. Odd stuff.

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