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Anything and everything about the Pittsburgh Steelers
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Postby steelwest » Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:19 am

Let's get the basics out of the way quickly. The defense sucked, the o-line was horrific. The game legursky played in relief was one of the worst I have seen from an offensive lineman in years. Maybe the film will make him look better but in live action all he did was whiff on blocks time and again. It is impossible to beat anyone with your left guard allowing jailbreak rushes repeatedly in key moments. Adams had a few tough moments as well but at least he is a rookie learning on the job.

On the defense, the key "new" players all seemed to underperform big time. Mundy seems out of position all of the time including on the long TD run on the quick swing pass. He just is not up to snuff. The nose tackle position was awful. Big holes with both McClendon and Hampton getting pushed all over. Kiesel seemed invisible. Carter obviously is below the line. The touchdown run by Moreno was set up by Carter being totally out of position. Worilds looked okay during his brief stint.

The coverage from the secondary was not exactly first rate. In general, all of the potential improvements we were looking for did not happen.

Heath Miller looked good. The WRs seem talented. Dwyer was okay. Redmon is adequate. The play calling was far too run happy in the first half and much too pass happy in the second. Balance anyone?

On the positive side, even with all of the above, Ben had a chance to go down the field with 3 minutes left to win. He simply threw a bad ball and lost it. But there are other games.

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Postby UKBlackNGold » Mon Sep 10, 2012 4:21 am

Denver are a decent team, so it was always going to be close . . .

Redman clearly isn't 100 per cent, liked what I saw from Dwyer...

Ben had one of his so so games, more often than not now, he' s failing in the clutch that throw was shoddy and he should have lollipopped that ball to Heath for an easy TD . .

I didn't think the line played all that badly, . . right about Legs though, truly woeful. Colon's false starts were infuriating . . .

Heath had a good game.

Defensively we're in a whole heap of trouble . . . a lack of top notch talent is beginning to show, Foote started out well, but faded, . . where was McClendon, Kiesel and Woodley, no one stepped up, very pedestrian . . . scheme was predictable . . .

Why wasn't Rainey on Kick-offs and punt returns from the get go, . . ridiculous . . .

Out coached, out thought again, sloppy . . .

Not a good start, but then neither was last year . . . Jets' won't be easy, can't see us racking up a lot of points against them, unless we click . . .


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Postby steelwest » Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:48 am

It may be that Dwyer is better than Redmon. He is faster and Redmon certainly is not stronger. I know no one wants to hear it but we missed Mendy.

Not using Rainey more made little sense. He supposedly is a punt returner extraordinaire but was MIA for that duty much of the game. The air in Denver prevented more from the kick-off game. The lack of D prevented more punts.

We better hope adding Clark, getting Worilds in shape, and getting Harrison back at some point will significantly help. Clark should be a sizable add. Very concerned about NT and ILB. More concered about OL.

If Foster can go this week, that will help. Gilbert fast becoming a guy that gets dinged up. Not good.

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Postby PGHeaven » Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:57 pm

Until slop time the OL was adequate against an average Doncos rush. Pouncey is back which is heartening. Too many boneheaded OL penalties. Running game was adequate - Rwyer is tough to bring down. Rainey will never get enough time to get the feel so punt returns for the youngster. Ben is still a monster but he is slowing down and the INTs - good grief whats with him? His passing rating was 79 nuff said. Brown and to some extent Wallace all looked good. Miller was awesome!

Liked Haleys ball control consdiering our opponent was Manning. The 2 point decision by Momlin illustrates that he is a second rate field general

The defensive line BLOWS. Kiesel is done - stick a fork in him and I believe he is listening to his own press too much. Hood is barely average. It is time that Heyward steps up. He has had enough time to mature. The LBs are an overated shadow of what they once were. Woodley is plodding slow and a jouster but he does have fair sense of where the ball is. Worilds is at the point where he had better damn well show us something. The main fact si this. We have NO PASS RUSH. NO SPEED TO THE QB. This means we will NOT make the playoffs unless something changes

Mundy BLOWS!!!!! But the one thing that I am enraged at is this. If the X factor (Troy) can only be successful with a healthy Clark back there - then your system SUCKS! We KNEW this as a result of the Tebow embarassment but DID NOTHING in the offseason to fix it! This is squarely on the doorstepof Momlin and LeBeau

Corner backs were tentative but I do see some flashes from Lewis and Allen. Jury out there

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