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Believe! - Steeler fan t-shirts | 2008 Regular Season Sale!

Postby Father George » Tue Aug 26, 2008 1:36 pm


To kick off the 2008 regular season you can use the discount code STILLERS and take 15% off of your total! A new feature of Believe Merch is I am going to try to have a "Game Day" tee available for each opponent the Steelers will destroy this season. Wear them to the Game, to your local bar or over to your asshole Browns fan brother-in-law's house! This week I am starting with the Texans who happen to be the team my asshole brother-in-law and asshole father-in-law seem to think have some kind of chance over the Steelers on September 7th. Go Steelers!

Texans Game Day tee $9.99!

Big Ben Is My Homeboy tee $19

Polamalu Is My Homeboy tee $13.00!

Under the Bridge tee $13.00!

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