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Steelers vs. Bills Postgame Thoughts and Grades

Postby No l Gravity l » Fri Aug 15, 2008 10:48 am

Ben Roethlisberger- A. Despite having the fluke interception, Ben threw for on 142 yards on 9 passes and drove the Steelers Bills territory pretty easily all three drives until two of them were killed by penalties. His touchdown pass was a bit late getting to Santonio, but Holmes made a nice adjustment and the ball fell right into his hands. I'm pretty sure its safe to say that Ben's going to have another big year. However, I was most impressed when Ben threw the ball out of bounds after scrambling which successfully ended our second drive. Smart play. :celebrate:
Byron Leftwich- C. I was actually impressed by Leftwich at first. I definitely agree with the fact he has a cannon on his arm. His first pass to Washington was a bullet but with our OL, he better learn how to release the ball quicker.
Dennis Dixon- C+ Did a pretty solid job at the helm. Hopefully one day he'll be half as good as Colt Brennan :yes:

Dennis Dixon- A. Arian's must've had some major balls trying that bootleg QB sneak again. Only this team hes right because we got an athlete in at quarterback. It was a pretty nice run and our receivers did a nice job blocking to get him into the endzone.
Willie Parker- C-. Reminded me of the Willie from last year. Not running hard and getting stopped at the line of scrimmage. Only averaged 2.8 yards per carry and take out the one 7 yard and I wouldn't be surprised if the average was going backwards. I can't really put the full blame on him though, the OL did a bad job of creating any lanes and the playcalling was pretty vanilla. Everytime we set up for a running play, the Bills would have 8-9 in the box. Doesn't that tell you something Arians...
Rashard Mendenhall- C+. Pretty solid touchdown but the rookie wasn't running up the middle as good as I would have liked to have seen. Like Willie, it seemed like he was pussyfooting to the line.

Wide Receivers
Santonio Holmes A+. 2 catches for 53 yards? :sucope: I think he'll be leading the league again in yards per catch. The thing that impressed me the most about this kid is that he managed to hold onto the ball both on his first catch, after getting drilled by McGee, and on his TD pass after their safety did a similar number. Looks like Ben found his new favorite target.
Hines Ward- A. Loved the 25 yard pass to Ward on the first drive when he ran right up the seam.
Nate Washington- B Surprised I actually saw him on the field! Made two really good catches when Leftwich was at QB. No drops :o
Limas Sweed- B-. Didn't see as much as of him as I would have liked but he did catch two short balls and make a nice block getting Dixon into the endzone
Dallas Baker- Finally I get to see this guy in action. Led our receivers with 57 yards on 3 catches. I hope he makes the team...

Offensive Line- C-. The first team OL last night looked very shaky. Ben was scrambling a bit more than hes use to...I mean a bit more like hes accustomed to, but still...Hartwig's hold blew our first drive and I believe it was Speath who committed the false start on the second. Colon made the hold on Ben's INT throw but seeing as how the pocket completely collapsed, I don't blame him for protecting our 100-million dollar man. Was Miller playing at all last night? Seemed pretty invisible to me. Still, we only allowed one sack through the night which is leaps and bounds better than last year.

Defense- D-. I really was disgusted with the first team on both of the Bill's drives. Lebeau needs to find a new way to cover receivers. The 11-yard cushion when the Bills are on a first a goal situation just boggles me. I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor was behind the field goal post on another team's 1st and 3. The only bright side here was Timmons, although Harrison still looks unblockable. Our run D really scares me. Maybe Aaron Smith is still getting the cobwebs out...

Special Teams
Return Units- B. We switch out so many kick returners I can't tell who's back there. Davis made a nice first return (I have no idea why he is even being considered an option though), Reid did a good job of not fumbling the ball, and Moore had an ok kick return (though his punt return was garbage). I'm guessing the frontrunners are Reid on kickoffs and Drummond on punts? Puts Baker in a bad position at receiver.
Coverage Units- D+. Surprised I didn't give them an F because of the return they allowed? Well yeah, the coverage was horrible on the return. If the Bills picked him up, Dookie could've returned that shit to the house :lol: I will cut them some slack for the fumble recovery on our kickoff.

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Re: Steelers vs. Bills Postgame Thoughts and Grades

Postby BuZZmaKeR29 » Fri Aug 15, 2008 11:11 am

Just watching the game now (had to work - DVR'ed) and what stands out to me, and it's obvious, is 1) Ben's decision making and play is spectacular so far. The throw away is a play he may have forced a year or two ago. He is a stud! Holmes will have a great year. 2) Our D looks like crap. I'm worried if we don't get it straightened out. 3) I hope we don't revert to our O line play from a few years ago as far as 3rd down penalties. Ben moves us, the penalties kill us.

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