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Re: The Fate of Jeremy Bloom

Postby Steeledge » Tue Aug 26, 2008 4:03 pm

Zorro wrote:I am dead serious when I say that I am embarrassed Bloom was ever given the opportunity to wear black and gold.


Just what THE HELL do YOU have to be embarrassed about?!?!?

Zorro wrote:I am dead serious when I say that're a DIPSHIT...

At least he was given a chance, albeit not much of one. And isn't that evaluation of talent the best way for us to build the best team?

Everybody here acknowledges the dude really didn't do that badly, just that there was a plethora of more versatile talent in front of him.

If you weren't such a coward and really all that "embarrassed", Burro, you would have stated it weeks ago.
...not now that he's already gone...
Wha make you tink I won cutchu, mang?!?


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